A Hairbrush Spanking For Amelia

There are excellent visuals when you spank a woman like Amelia Jane Rutherford in this position:

wheelbarrow spanking position for Amelia Jane Rutherford and her hairbrush spanking

Of course the visuals would be even better with her panties down, but that we do not get to see in the free gallery.

From AAA Spanking.

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Vintage Hairbrush Spankings

These hairbrush spanking vintage photos are via Chross:

hairbrush spankings

Hairbrush Spanking For Alice Michaels

From AAA Spanking:

a hairbrush spanking otk for Alice Michaels

pink bottomed from a brisk hairbrush spanking

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Erica Scott Gets Hairbrush Spanked

It’s very good to see Erica Scott doing a spanking scene for Dreams Of Spanking; her indomitably bratty attitude and great good humor are great ingredients in any spanking film.

a hairbrush spanking for Erica Scott from her workaholic husband

These pictures are from The Workaholic, in which Erica gets a little bit too frisky trying to interrupt and seduce her workaholic husband. Tearing up his papers probably was a bit over the top — but it works, by damn! She gets both his attention and a well-spanked bottom.

erica scott getting a good hard hairbrush spanking from her  husband

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Her Bottom Reddened With A Hairbrush

From Girls Boarding School:


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Hairbrush Spanking For Expelled Schoolgirl

Getting expelled from the Girls Boarding School she half-expected; indeed, it was one of the reasons she went AWOL for three days to meet the nice boy from the internet. But what she did not realize is that she would get a severe hairbrush spanking before they put her on the long bus ride home:




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Spanked With A Big Hairbrush

It might just be incompetence on the part of the artist, but it looks like he’s spanking her with a hairbrush that’s almost as big as his head:

spanked otk with a huge brush

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Sophie Spanked With Silver Hairbrush

Here’s another Girls Boarding School classic! The lovely Sophie, getting spanked vigorously with a silver hairbrush:

sophie gets spanked hard on a couch with a silver hairbrush

And here she is with the instrument of her pain:

sophie in tears with the silver hairbrush that made her cry

The scene is from a Girls Boarding School video, possibly this one:

a streaming video movie of sophie getting spanked

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