Bound Woman, Hairbrush Spanked

Bondage Blog says this photo looks like an Irving Klaw production, and I can’t disagree. No wiggling out of this vintage hairbrush spanking!

bondage spanking, vintage photo

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A Brutal Hairbrush Spanking

In this art by the Brazilian artist JayEm, she doesn’t so much get her bottom spanked as she gets it whaled to within an inch of her life:

brutal hard hairbrush spanking

There are some more hard spanking artworks by the same artist here.

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Dog-Eared Hairbrush Spanking Card

The dog-ears on this vintage bondage hairbrush-spanking photo card suggest to me it was “consulted” many times over many years by a discerning collector:

hairbrush spanking photo card

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Hard Hairbrush Spanking For Jessica

It looks like Jessica (of Spanking Teen Jessica fame) earned herself a hard hairbrush spanking before bedtime, over at Real Spankings:

hairbrush spanking for Jessica

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OTK Hairbrush Spanking

Not sure what kind of teacher delivers over-the-knee hairbrush spankings, but don’t ask, just go with it:

pandora gets a hairbrush spanking from her teacher

From Dreams Of Spanking.

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Hairbrush-Spanking Husband

This little bit of domestic discipline hairbrush-spanking artwork has been floating around in digital form since the pre-internet age; I think it was most-commonly seen with a BBS system’s name and telephone number on it, and then subsequently was often to be found on UseNet. I assume it has its origins in a magazine:


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A Hairbrush Spanking For Amelia

There are excellent visuals when you spank a woman like Amelia Jane Rutherford in this position:

wheelbarrow spanking position for Amelia Jane Rutherford and her hairbrush spanking

Of course the visuals would be even better with her panties down, but that we do not get to see in the free gallery.

From AAA Spanking.

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Vintage Hairbrush Spankings

These hairbrush spanking vintage photos are via Chross:

hairbrush spankings