Plump Bottom Cropped

I don’t think it’s entirely fair to call Ryan Keely’s bottom “plump”, actually; the pleasing curves on show in this photograph are as much the product of her posture and the constricting bondage ropes as they are her natural endowments. In any case, I mean it only in the most complimentary fashion:

plump bottom tied for riding crop spanking

Photograph is from Trophy Wife Nightmare, a production of the Sex And Submission channel at Kink Unlimited.

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Helpless Bondage Pussy Spanking

The ropes keep her in place. His heavy hands make her want to move. But all she can really do is yell and squirm:

bondage pussy spanking

From this shoot at Sex And Submission, a Kink Unlimited channel.

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Twenty Years Of Spanking Kink (Heavily Discounted)

20 years of kink sale banner

It’s been almost 15 years since I started promoting spanking porn from the kinky websites that now operate under the banner. In that time I have frequently acknowledged to Spanking Blog readers that the Kink people don’t usually produce any genuinely pure spanking porn. There’s no site they’ve ever operated that I can unequivocally recommend to the stereotypical aficionado of nothing but M/f spankings only. Not even the promisingly-named Whipped Ass gets a totally unreserved SpankBoss thumbs up; it’s primarily a lesbian BDSM site featuring more whips and floggers than hand spankings, with little or no M/f content.

Nuns giving a hand spanking

But, in twenty years of producing kinky porn across more than thirty different porn sites that sometimes got updated as often as thrice weekly for years on end, Kink nonetheless produced a simply enormous volume of spanking, caning, flogging, and whipping scenes. If you panicked, like I did, when their substantial library of still photographs initially vanished during the consolidation of all the old sites into redesigned “channels” at under the Kink Unlimited all-you-can-eat-for-one-price subscription product, rest assured that subscribers can once again download stills, going back to the very beginning in 1997. Among twelve thousand photoshoots, more than two million photos, and more than 10,000 hours of video, I can testify that there’s plenty of good old-fashioned M/f hand-spanking porn to satisfy even the most conservative and traditional old-school spanko. And if your taste in spanking is more eclectic (or even if it isn’t), Kink’s F/f, F/m, M/m, TS/f, and TS/m channels offer a great deal more impact-oriented BDSM porn, in every imaginable flavor.

public caning

Just as all the big porn companies seem to be doing these days, Kink has consolidated its twenty years of niche sites into a single subscription product. Normally that product is a bit expensive; $49.99 per month is as much as my cable bill. (But you get a lot, so…) Discount sales, though rare, are worth watching for. I’m making a big post about this twentieth anniversary discount sale because it’s actually a really huge deal by my lights, with excellent discounts worth getting locked into. The “Anniversary Savings” monthly rate (which you can lock in pretty much forever, or for at least as long as your credit card holds out, by letting it rebill without cancelling) is just $19.97 per month. (That price echos their 1997 founding year, get it?) There are even better deals available if you’re willing to pay and rebill three months ($13.32/mo) or six months ($11.33/mo) at a time. The ultimate cheapest option is to pay $10.66 a month for a whole year, paid just once up front, no rebills. That’s good (no rebills) and bad (you can’t get that rate back after it goes away in a year, although you might catch another sale later, with some new discount).

hand spanking two bound girls

I’ve already discussed the pros and cons of the ouvre for the M/f spanking purists who seem to be Spanking Blog’s primary audience. Even for y’all, this is a reasonable subscription to have; there’s a lot of the spankings you like in these twenty years of kink. But for other folks, who, like me, list M/f spanking as just one of the pervy delights on their kink menu, the case for a Kink Unlimited subscription flips from “reasonable” to “no-brainer.” Pick the billing cycle that works for you, put it on your most stable credit card, set the throttle to eleven, and tie it down with a piece of bailing wire. You won’t be disappointed.

ass caning

Credits: The images between the paragraphs of this post are watermarked with the URLs of various former sites operated by that are now all consolidated as channels included in every Kink Unlimited subscription. Each image is linked to the Spanking Blog post where it first appeared. The links that follow for each site/channel will take you to fairly complete streams of Spanking Blog posts that have appeared over the years from each. Enjoy! Or, you know, just go join already.

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The Perfect Crop For Sensuous Breast Whipping

I’ve never seen such a broad and supple riding crop, but doesn’t it look just about perfect for sensous breast spanking and whipping?

breast whipping crop

From a recent shoot at Sex And Submission.

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Spanking A Handcuffed Cop

In this recent scenario shot for Sex And Submission, a pretty rookie cop (played by Kacie Castle) has been grabbed from behind her own desk. There’s a quick handcuffed spanking before the inevitable bondage sex scenes:

rookie cop is handcuffed, spanked over her own desk, and then fucked

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A Well-Aimed Riding Crop

As always, her delighted grin makes this pussy-spanking scene at least twice as sexy:

happy bdsm pussy spanking with a leather riding crop as she grins in delight

Via Sex And Submission.

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Deep Throat Spanking Practice

If your girl needs more practice on her deep-throating skills than any one human man can provide, there might be an “alternative procedure” you could try her out on:

spank her to make her suck the dildo in a little deeper

The fact that spanking is involved? That’s a bonus!

From Sex And Submission. The practicing girl is Charlotte Cross.

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Caning As Anal Foreplay

In this shoot from Sex And Submission, the caning of Nikki Delano’s bottom is just foreplay, before the anal-sex main event:

caning her ass before he fucks her in it

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