Spanked During A Grudge Fuck

As the story goes (and remember these are all fantasies), Juliette March was trying to throw out her boyfriend when she ended up hitting him. Then they got in a physical alteration, and before she knew it, they were having one final grudge fuck. But somewhere in there, she also got her bottom spanked pretty vigorously:

spanking and grudge fucking

Photo courtesy of Sex And Submission, via Kink Unlimited.

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Caning London River

London River knows she has a hard caning coming, and I don’t think she’s happy about it:

grumpy London River holds cane in her mouth

But it does not matter. Her master is both cruel and implacable!

london river caned

The fun part is when he uses the cane on her, to insist that she “enjoy” an anal masturbation session with an utterly massive steel dildo that looks like the njoy Eleven

Photos are from the London River Earns The Cane session at Sex And Submission, which is a Kink Unlimited channel.

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Spanking Cadence Lux With A Riding Crop

When you’re a Bad Tenant, behind on your rent and no way to pay it, trying to steal cash from your landlord is probably a poor idea. Certainly, it’s not working out well for Cadence Lux today:

spanking Cadence Lux with a riding crop

Photo is from a Sex And Submission shoot for members of Kink Unlimited.

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Spanking Handprints For Sammie Six

I linked you before to some good spanking handprints. But I like these for the way the finger marks on Sammie Six’s butt sort of merge together. Don’t you think it looks like a six-fingered ogre did the painful deed?

spanking handprints mark her ass

This bondage spanking photo comes from Anal Intuition, a Sex And Submission shoot for Kink Unlimited.

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Jada Fire Whipped In The Woods

A chance encounter with a Bondage Blog post from many years ago led me to a series of whipping photos I don’t remember having seen before. It seems Jada Fire got dragged out into the sunny California woods by a couple of burly beefy men for an afternoon of bondage fun, during which whipping and pussy spanking are just the preliminaries:

jada fire black woman bondage whipping over white panties

jada fire forest bondage outdoor whipping

jada fire white panties down tree bondage whipping

jada fire naked tied for bondage sex in the woods

Photos are from this 2006 Sex And Submission shoot.

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Plump Bottom Cropped

I don’t think it’s entirely fair to call Ryan Keely’s bottom “plump”, actually; the pleasing curves on show in this photograph are as much the product of her posture and the constricting bondage ropes as they are her natural endowments. In any case, I mean it only in the most complimentary fashion:

plump bottom tied for riding crop spanking

Photograph is from Trophy Wife Nightmare, a production of the Sex And Submission channel at Kink Unlimited.

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Helpless Bondage Pussy Spanking

The ropes keep her in place. His heavy hands make her want to move. But all she can really do is yell and squirm:

bondage pussy spanking

From this shoot at Sex And Submission, a Kink Unlimited channel.

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