So Many Daddy Issues

I don’t know who these six cheeky women are — sorority ladies in Texas, perhaps? — but with at least four tramp stamps among the six of them and all their bottoms saucily half-bared, it really does seem to me that they are crying out for an entire cattle drive of rough-built cowboys to rope them and take them in hand:

trampstamps bare bottoms and daddy issues

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  1. Eric Carwardine commented on December 27th, 2023:

    The women are displaying their most valuable ‘ass’-et, no pun intended. It gets its value in the mating game, winners get to increase the world population.

    It’s been said that the only statistic worth watching is the total number of human beings on planet Earth, us humans have been spectacularly successful at reproduction.

    Despite all the trappings and complications of modern living the procreative instinct survives, we aren’t yet a product of artificial intelligence (AI).

    Notable authors in the area of the female posterior have been:

    Desmond Morris with “The Naked Ape” (redening of the buttocks during beating resembling the flushing of the female hind quarters when she is in full sexual condition)

    An article by Kinsey Alsman that I preserved on my website ~

    “Sex At Dawn” by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha

    More recently “Consent Laid Bare” by Chanel Contos

    As the person who studied the films of Leni Riefenstahl said “Look at the faces of the women at a Nuremberg rally, head upturned, eyes unblinking, lips slightly parted – those women are in a full sexual trance.”

    And something I myself wrote after reading of some research to which I’ve lost the attribution:

    “It’s the reason why cooking shows on television are so popular with women.

    Researchers found that the eye-blink rate of women watching these shows declined to almost zero.

    The women were effectively in a hypnotic trance, physiologically conditioned for sexual intercourse.

    The three ‘F’s, as true today as when humans crawled out of the ocean and climbed down from the trees: Feeding, Fondling, and Fornicating.

    Here’s a smallish photo [not shown] of my own contribution to culinary seduction.

    Can’t remember what we had for dessert. [ :) ]

    But it’s a very strange thing; to watch a woman consume with obvious relish, to take into her body something which I have prepared with what little culinary skills I possesss, something that will become a part of her own body, to me that is a sight more profoundly satisfying than any sexual intercourse could ever be.”

    I’ll leave with you a song in praise of the fairer sex ~

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