Lesbian Spanking Picnic

So what do you get when you take three pretty lingerie models from the old Spick And Span pinup magazine, drive them out deep into the bucolic British countryside, and turn them loose among the cow patties on a nice thick cushiony blanket? A lesbian spank picnic is what you get:

two lesbians wrestle a third girl into a spanking position

picnic blanket lesbian spankings

outdoor lesbian spankings

fun spankings for three lingerie models

british/UK pinup model spankings from the 1960s or 1970s

fun time picnic blanket punishments for three pretty lingerie lesbians

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  1. Fr. commented on October 7th, 2022:

    Beautiful. Any speculation as to what year?

    Also, did you intend to make the first image click-able?

  2. SpankBoss commented on October 7th, 2022:

    1960s, but that’s both vague and a guess.

    And no — all the clickable images link to the “original” (highest quality scan I could find) source images before my cropping and resizing. For that first image, what you see is within a few pixels of being what I found, so I have nothing useful to link it to.

  3. Fr. commented on October 8th, 2022:

    Thank you!

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