Their Spanking Date? Going Well, Actually…

The way I heard the story, it wasn’t originally supposed to be a spanking date. Their profiles matched on one of those meet and fuck websites, so they got together for drinks in the full expectation that they’d probably fall into bed after. Just one of those easy sex hookups — no strings, no muss, a fun evening and some sweaty orgasms to beat back the loneliness.

The fact that she’s the brattiest brat in the entire city? Somehow, she left that out of her hookup profile. And he mysteriously failed to mention all the well-oiled supple leather spanking straps in his sock drawer. Still, she recognized his relaxed dominant attitude the instant they sat down at the bar. He doesn’t quite have a tattoo on his forehead that says “I spank bratty women” or a bumper sticker on his car saying “I spank on the first date.” But she knows the type — it is, after all one, one of her very favorite types!

sudden OTK spanking as soon as they got in the door after their date

So of course she instantly started poking every button he had — and she’s a professional button-pusher from way back! He later said she insulted him eighteen times in the ninety minutes it took them to drink three drinks and eat one appetizer. If I know him, he never stopped smiling. And why should he? By the time they settled the bar bill and were heading for his house, it was clear to both of them that she’d be over his knee before they got two steps inside his front door. But I’m not sure either one of them predicted just how fast they’d wind up naked in his bed with her bottom in the air:

spanked harder than she was expecting

Dating chemistry doesn’t always happen. Heck, on some of the more casual sex hookup sites, nobody even particularly expects it. And as every spanko knows, unexpected spanking chemistry is both rare and delightful. Although she doesn’t look perfectly delighted, in this painful moment, as he is emphatically reminding her of all the bratty things she said to him in that quiet bar:

get naked and spank

Even though by now it’s clear she’s wishing that she hadn’t ribbed him quite so hard about his hairstyle and wardrobe, the dismay on her face is already turning to pleasure. Her casual hookup guy is turning out to be a lot more fun that she ever expected he would be!

ass whipped on a spanking date

There is, however, a price for everything. And this night, her bottom paid the price for all the bratty things she said on that date:

well spanked bottom

Every spanko knows the look of contentment she’s manifesting in this next photo. She got the spanking she craves, and is now fully relaxed over his lap. The hand we cannot see — the one he’s not holding in his free hand — is probably exploring somewhere between them, to assess how much longer it’s going to be until he can be persuaded to put down the spanking strap and move on to even more intimate pursuits. There’s every sign that the spanking date is going to keep going very well!

happy spanked woman on a great spanking date

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  1. bodack commented on September 2nd, 2019:

    How old are these pictures. They look like vintage 1960ish pictures. Not that I am complaining I am just curious.

  2. SpankBoss commented on September 3rd, 2019:

    I don’t disagree! But I don’t have a solid sourcing on these.

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