Girls Dormitory Group Punishment

fourteen young women in a residential college being questioned about embarrassing contraband and hoping to avoid an unpleasant dormitory punishment

It’s not hard to imagine that these fourteen girls just failed their dormitory inspection and are now at risk of collective punishment:

“Ladies, the head of cleaning staff has informed me that a forbidden article was discovered hidden in a vent in the washroom. A phallic object of India rubber, illegal to sell or possess in this jurisdiction. An item of shame for any well-bred woman of good breeding. I will have a confession. If the person who placed it there does not voluntarily admit to the deed, you will all remove your nightclothes and bend over your beds. Then we can discuss this at greater length…”

From there, my mind’s eye quickly wanders in this sort of direction

I hate to pop my own fantasy-bubble, but now I must do it. The scene actually comes from the vintage German movie M├Ądchen in Uniform. ErosBlog describes the film as “primarily understood in our time as an early film about lesbianism” that its contemporary German audience “primarily appreciated for its anti-authoritarian sentiments.” The dormitory scene is actually very tender. The mistress kisses each girl goodnight (on the forehead) but one of them heats things up with a lip-lock. There is no notable disciplinary vibe, beyond the amazing fetish for general order than the Germans bring to everything. There are no bare bottoms. No dormitory punishment at all. I am sorry…

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