Nuns Of Terror

It looks like the nuns are laying down the law again:

two evil nuns whipping and paddling a couple of bare-bottomed young women

There’s what looks like an obscured signature lower right, but I don’t know the artist for this piece.

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  1. The Count commented on December 11th, 2018:

    I am not a fan of nun spanking scenes but that said, there are four touches here that tickle my fancy. The first is that the table is just the right length for the spankees to hold each other’s wrists, perhaps during a simultaneous flogging. The second is the delicate draughtsmanship in the way the nun on the right is preparing the brunette spankee for her paddling by peeling down her panties, to her evident mortification from the look on her face. The third is the tiptoe position of the blonde with her panties round her ankles. The fourth is the unusually muscular drawing of the legs of the spankees.

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