Earning Respect By Taking Whippings

When the media (social and otherwise) took us on last week’s #piggate/#hameron sleighride through the bonding rituals of Britain’s poshest young people, ErosBlog noted a revealing quote about goings-on at Eton:

“Women aren’t allowed to formal dinners but at informal gatherings we would make them get down on all fours like a horse, whinny, and bring out hunting horns and whips. It was ridiculous. Yes they were degraded to some extent, but it was all done respectfully and the more they took, the more respect they earned. Half of them are godparents to my children now.”

“The more they took, the more respect they earned.” We here in the spanking community will of course be familiar with this ethos from long exposure to Victorian caning porn. But who knew that the ability to take a whipping with a stiff upper lip was still, in 2015, a valuable social skill among the British upper classes?

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