A Question For Members Of Girls Boarding School

I’ve been promoting the Girls Boarding School spanking porn site since 2003 because of their distinctive and popular spanking porn stylings. However, in recent months I’ve seen hints and heard rumblings that like a lot of once-mighty sites, GBS may be coming onto hard times. However, I don’t currently have member access there, and can’t check out the situation for myself.

So this is a plea for information from current or recent members of the site. How is it, in 2015? Are there fresh and regular updates, or is it recycling a static (if impressive) content library? Please share your recent experiences and impressions in the comments.

Your help is appreciated!

  1. Jeremy commented on July 29th, 2015:

    No responses, well this a tragedy. GBS was the site that turned me on to spanking, my first video was Amelia-Jane Rutherford as Lucy getting a paddle, what happened I think is clear. The little German girl Linda retired. Linda was the franchise and without her they couldn’t survive.

  2. SpankBoss commented on July 29th, 2015:

    Thanks, Jeremy. It doesn’t sound like we have any current GBS members who also read spanking blog. I know that wasn’t the case a few years ago!

  3. Jeremy commented on August 7th, 2015:

    Losing her is how the empire fell…


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