Slave Whipping From An Abolitionist Tract

According to Bondage Blog, this slave whipping scene is from the 1864 abolitionist publication The Gospel of Slavery: a Primer of Freedom.

abolitionist view of a slave whipping

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  1. WTF? commented on April 18th, 2015:

    Why the fuck is a depiction of an actually enslaved person being actually assaulted an appropriate image for a sex fantasy blog?

  2. Cass commented on April 18th, 2015:

    This is a depiction of slavery, like the actual buying and selling of human beings. It doesn’t seem like this representation of our country’s (horrific and violent) racist history has a place on a blog that sexualizes corporal punishment.

  3. SpankBoss commented on April 18th, 2015:

    Sigh. Y’all are new around here, aren’t you? And you didn’t click any of the “see also” links, did you?

    From eight years ago:

    “Whether you like it or not, the fantasy of spanking in non-consensual situations is a huge part of the “adult erotic spanking” universe, and artwork depicting those situations is a staple of this blog. Note I said “fantasy”. Girls spirited off rolled in carpets to Turkish harems ruled by eunuchs with gleaming bamboo canes, shopgirls abducted in New York and spirited away by spaceship to a life of abject slavery on Gor, poor shoplifting women birched daily in cold stone Victorian prisons, young female scholars getting caned repeatedly for silly schoolgirl offenses like conjugating french verbs badly, snotty wives being punished unexpectedly for running up their credit cards, and, yes, chattel slave women in the American south being punished by their “owners”, all these and a thousand more are standard erotic spanking fantasy tropes. In most of these situations the spanking is not consensual, but it’s somebody’s erotic fantasy, so that’s within the “erotic” purview of this blog and it’s OK with me.

    If it’s not OK with you, may I politely suggest you’re reading the wrong blog?”

    There are also other reasons I sometimes link to images from the age of slavery. They were just one click away…

  4. Cass commented on April 21st, 2015:

    but the point is that the original image isn’t an erotic fantasy, and isn’t meant to be. it’s a thing that happened to real people. i don’t need to see your “reasons” for linking to something like this, and definitely will be giving your blog a pass from now on, because this is super offensive and gross.

  5. SpankBoss commented on April 21st, 2015:

    Cass, I’m sorry the blog doesn’t work for you, and I wish you all the best in finding the fantasy material you’re looking for elsewhere on the internet without also sometimes finding things that are offensive to you.

  6. Nope commented on April 25th, 2015:

    This isn’t a picture of a fantasy – this is from abolitionist literature. This isn’t “somebody’s erotic fantasy” that’s being depicted, to use your words, but rather an atrocity that was committed against hundreds of thousands of people. If this was a contemporary image of a sexual fantasy, that might be a bit different. Instead, you’re encouraging people to get off on an image that represents America’s problematic and racist history (a history with a legacy that is far from resolved).
    The internet may be filled with offensive things, but why would you replicate this on your blog?? Disgusting.
    I can’t believe this, and I’ve been visiting this site for ages – I don’t think I will be anymore.

  7. SpankBoss commented on April 25th, 2015:

    It’s all just pixels, guys. No actual humans were harmed in the creation, publication, or display of this image. Nor does the image itself endorse chattel slavery; indeed, it’s explicitly in opposition to it.

    What you do with this image or what you take from it is up to you. I do not police that. I’m not “encouraging” you to fantasize about chattel slavery, but real actual people actually do, and — gasp! — sometimes they enjoy it. Some of them fantasize about being the slaves, even. And this fantasy practice does not hurt anybody.

    For thousands of years humans in authority have been beating on people to punish them — a practice now universally understood in enlightened societies to be the crime of torture or (when done to children) child abuse. And yet the notion of naughty students of whatever age being caned in school still occupies fantasy space in the heads of many adult spanking fans, and nobody much seems to be offended by this, nor do they consider it an atrocity when they encounter artwork from the era when the practice was prevalent.

    The internet is a big buffet of fantasy material. Pick and choose what you like; ignore the rest. I’m helping stock the buffet, but that doesn’t mean I’m endorsing the historical atrocities that flavor half the menu. I’m just acknowledging that these are dishes some of the customers may enjoy. You don’t enjoy one? Fine, don’t eat it. I can’t please everybody, and I’ve never tried to. Like I said to Cass, I wish you all the best in surfing the internet without sometimes finding things you find offensive.

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