Kink University: Spanking Class

caning 101

I don’t know if any of you have noticed the interesting video tutorials recently on offer from Kink University. The most recent is called Impact Play: Spanking And Implements and it features Danarama demonstrating spanking methods with model Cadence Cross.

otk spanking demonstration

The advertised contents for the 48 minutes of tutorial video are as follows:

See how you can safely and sensually perform the impact play described in Fifty Shades of Grey. Danarama and Cadence Cross demonstrate how to deliver pleasurable pain, using spanking (including advanced positions), as well as implements like a cane, flogger, riding crop, and belts. Also learn the science behind the pleasurable effects of sensual pain, including brain chemistry, and how to use that to create a mind-blowing experience for your partner.

Alternating the powerful Magic Wand vibrator (as seen here) with the blows of a hard spanking is one of my favorite things to do:

spanking and forced orgasms

Too many “how to spank her” videos keep themselves boringly chaste, perhaps in hope that YouTube won’t delete them. The folks at Kink University do not make that mistake, giving us the sort of spanking views and angles I recognize fondly from my own play with Bethie:

explicit view of lap spanking and pussy spanking

Kink University is a membership site with new kink-tutorial videos released weekly. But if a monthly fee doesn’t work for you, it’s possible just to buy access to a single shoot like this one.

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