At The Mercy Of A Liberated Woman

A while back ErosBlog posted several panels from a 1970s “Flash Gordon” parody sex comic drawn by Wallace Wood. In the comic, “Flesh Fucker” finds himself at the mercy of a feminist Amazon. He’d twice previously “rescued” this woman, and then casually fucked her (without asking) as if it were the obvious prerogative of the male hero. Well, now the tables have turned and she is ready for her revenge:

Flesh Fucker helpless and tied over a log as if for a severe paddling or caning punishment

Can’t we all be pardoned, fellow spanking enthusiasts, for hoping and assuming that Gail — with her talk of “a little ritual” with her off-screen Amazon sisters — is reaching for a really big paddle with which to punish Flesh Fucker properly?

Sadly, she’s not actually reaching for a paddle, and Fleshy does not get a spanking at this time. But that’s all right too, because Gail’s revenge turns out to be even more closely mapped to and patterned after the outrages she suffered.

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