Spanking The Babysitter

This is a little excerpt from an old stroke book called Spanked Babysitter by Thomas Trent:

“Goddamn, did you hear me? I’m gonna have to teach you to do as you’re told. You’re gonna be punished.”

Vicki saw him coming, but it was too late. She was hauled to the couch, wriggling in her attempts to get free. There, she felt herself thrown face down and pinned to the couch, unable to get up. As the man sat down, the girl felt herself forcibly thrown across his knees. She felt a cool draft against the hot flesh of her ass as her dress was thrown up onto her back. She struggled in his lap, but there was nothing she could do. Her ass was his to do with as he pleased.

Vicki’s whole body was jolted as Parker’s hand slapped hard against her ass. She cried out, “Oh! Stop! Oh, what are you doing? Ouch! Stop it!” She tried to escape, but the blows began raining down.

Pain shot through her body, from her sensitive ass, to her toes, to her brain. With each smack, she uncontrollably jerked in the man’s lap. Her legs kicked out in involuntary reflex. Crying out, she moaned with the pain as each blow landed on her tender ass. She gripped the man’s leg and squeezed hard as her mind was taken over by the pain.

“Ohhh, p-p-please, ooohh, it hurts! Owww—oh—oh—please, stop!” she pleaded. Her brain swam with the excruciating pain.

Parker was enjoying himself…

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