Interrupted DD Spanking

From Red Booty Woman comes this tale of a narrow escape:

I opened the door of the house and was about to call out a greeting, when I saw it. My mother-in-law was draped over the arm of the living room sofa, her head buried in her arms and my father-in-law was busy strapping her bottom with a belt!

Whoa! That image is scarred into my brain for awhile!

I shut the door very fast… and quietly. Neither of them turned their heads and saw me… or Jim about to enter behind me. I pushed him back down the driveway and towards the car, telling him why we are suddenly changing plans. He didn’t object in the slightest!

Suffice to say, we’ll call the next time before just stopping by.

Also, knocking is good even where you know you’re welcome…

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  1. Eric Carwardine commented on October 1st, 2013:

    I think that the possibility of being interrupted is something for which spanking partners need to be prepared. I have always briefed my partner thus:

    “It is unlikely that anybody else will come in, but if they do then I won’t acknowledge them in any way, apart from a polite ‘Hallo, be with you in a moment’. What I’d like you to do is also ignore the visitor until you’re fully dressed and got back your composure.”

    Yes, there was one potential partner who declined to continue, feeling that such a nonchalant reaction was totally beyond her. But generally the strategy has been well-received. And there have been a couple of close-calls but so far we’ve not had to fully test the plan.

  2. SpankBoss commented on October 2nd, 2013:

    I myself tend to believe it’s worth assuring perfect privacy before any serious spanking.

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