Caning Pandora Blake

It’s almost universally the case that the imagery of spanking and caning porn comes with a narrative to “explain” the spanking; there’s usually misbehavior and punishment, or sometimes arbitrary abuse of authority, or sometimes interrogation. There are many storylines out there, but in virtually every case, the fantasy frame for the spanking porn puts even consenting spankees into a narrative framework where they “have it coming” or can’t avoid it. That’s fine and that’s fun and it matches the sort of roleplaying that spank-hungry spankees often engage in; a real-life spanko may ask for a spanking, but he or she is likely even then to explain “because I’ve been so very naughty” or some such obviously-ridiculous but still-fun excuse.

Serious spankos understand, though, that a lot of people just simply enjoy getting spanked, and fairly often that’s enough justification. No need for pretense, no need for roleplaying, just “Spank me please, it will be fun” or “bend over, you’ll be happier after.” It’s vanishingly rare, though, to see that degree of open sensual enthusiasm for spanking depicted in spanking porn, which is what makes this recent shoot at Dreams of Spanking such a refreshing novelty:

pandora asks for a caning and it makes her giggle

Pandora, we are told, “has a new cane she wants to try, and Paul is more than happy to give her a taste of it. Pandora willingly bends over and lifts her bottom for a hard, consensual beating that makes her giggle with pleasure.” That’s it for narrative framework, and it’s enough:

pandora blake enjoys her sensual caning

I personally love the slightly grumpy cat lounging on the bed throughout, ass to the action and face to the camera. Pandora explains in the member-area comments “My cat is an old hand when it comes to spanking… she doesn’t pay any attention any more.” However I’m not sure that’s what I’m seeing. I’ve known several cats whose display of mild displeasure or disapproval manifested itself in what I call “ass kitty” behavior or “giving you the ass” — they’ll park themselves a few feet away with their butt pointing squarely at the offending person or behavior. I think Pandora’s cat is giving this caning the full “ass kitty” treatment, but she’s not so bothered that she’d give up a comfy spot on the bed in order to demonstrate a true feline “depriving you of the pleasure of my company” haughty exit from the room.

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  1. Pandora commented on September 3rd, 2013:

    *guffaws* I bloomin’ LOVE the detailed analysis of my cat’s behaviour. You are so right. That is full fledged ass kitty in action!

    Glad you liked the consensual proviso. I enjoy throwing in these more candid, out of character, “just because” scenes from time to time. It would be boring if that was all I did, and I will always fantasise more about non-consent scenarios. But the consensual stuff is a much more honest representation of how I play in real life 99% of the time, and I think it’s important to give that a showing in porn as well as fantasyland. When you know what you’re watching is really real, I think it’s just as hot … albeit in a different way.

  2. Pandora commented on September 3rd, 2013:

    “Proviso”? Not sure where that came from! Not so much typo as braino :)

  3. SpankBoss commented on September 3rd, 2013:

    I have a blog post in the archives with the word “malcreant” in the title and URL; I think it’s an unholy blend of “malfeasor” and “miscreant”. So I’d say you get at least one misplaced proviso for free!

    My experience is similar; the consensual “we’re not bothering to make up an excuse tonight” approach is a big part of the lived experience Bethie and I have together. Not exclusively by any means, but more than 50% for sure.

  4. Steve commented on September 7th, 2013:

    The cat is lovely, and very comfortable with where he is. The “ass kitty” treatment (as you call it) is actually a cats way of approving of you:-) Telling you they’re comfortable with you, and happy where they are. Basically, turning there butts to you is a cats sign of trust. Ears facing sideways and eyes closed or almost closed is also a very relaxed position.

    You need a lolcat caption “ass kitty approves of spanking” :-)

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