Spanking Jessica

One of the many reasons that the “Teen Jessica” spanking photoshoots from Spanking Teen Jessica are endlessly popular with each new generation of spanko web surfers to hit the internet is that unlike most spanking models, she always manages to appear as if her punishment is genuinely excruciating and agonizing, and that she’s pissed off about it:

teen jessica getting a spanking

When your spanking model exudes suppressed mirth, it can sometimes be hard to get into whatever serious fantasy you might have. With Jessica, no such problem. Whatever else she may think of her spankings, you’re never at any risk of getting the impression she thinks they are funny.

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  1. Ap commented on November 11th, 2010:

    I think the role of Lady D cannot be underestimated here. Her completely unflinching sterness is a major part of what makes these scenes great.

  2. Bodack commented on November 12th, 2010:

    She is still not as good as Debbie from the old Nu-West days. One thing I don’t like about Real Spankings is that they never let the models squirm. Debbie and Cindy did big time.

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