He Dares To Spank His Wife

He’s an earl, this is a surprise?

From a book called World Without End by Ken Follett:

She saw him staring. “Don’t look at me,” she said. “Go to bed.” She threw the soiled garment in the laundry hamper. She went to the clothes press and lifted its lid. She found another nightdress. Ralph raked her with his eyes as she lifted it out. He stared at her uplifted breasts, and the mound of her sex with its dark hair, and his mouth went dry.

She caught his look. “Don’t you touch me,” she said.

If she had not said that, he would have probably lain down and gone to sleep. But her swift rejection stung him. “I’m the Earl of Shiring, and you’re my wife,” he said. “I’ll touch you any time I like.”

“You wouldn’t dare” she said, and she turned away to put on the gown.

That angered him. As she lifted the garment to put it on over her head, he slapped her bottom. It was a hard slap on bare skin, and he could tell that it hurt her. She jumped and cried out. “So much for not daring” he said.

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