Favorite Stockroom Items On Sale

I’m torn about this post because sometime in the last couple of years, about half of my favorite sex blogs tore themselves apart doing boring sex toy post after boring sex toy post. So, I try to keep the toy posts and links to a minimum, even though they do help pay the server bills. And since I just linked to The Stockroom last week, I wasn’t planning to do so again right away.

But then they rolled out another one of their big sales, this one in celebration of San Francisco’s 2010 Folsom Street Fair. And in these recessionary times, who can afford not to at least check out the sale, to see if there are discounts on toys you’ve been lusting after?

This sale is a big one, covering lots of items, but three heavily discounted items in particular caught my eye; two old Spanking Blog favorites and one item that looks like it ought to be, though I’ve never actually had my hands on it.

First, an old friend: Stockroom’s basic straight rattan cane with suede handle.

suede handled rattan cane from the stockroom

This was the first cane Bethie and I ever played with, so as you can imagine, we still recommend it fairly highly. If you get the small one, it’s quite mild by cane standards, also.

Next, another old friend: a comfy black spandex hood for girls (and boys if you play that way) who insist on peeking when they shouldn’t.

spandex hood with mouth hole for handy blowjobs

I recommended them here before (during a different sale) and wrote:

They just slip on like a ski mask, no messing with buckles and straps and no worries about collar tightness at the neck, and you can breath through them just fine, so no worries there; plus they come off instantly if the hoodee panics when you aren’t wanting that. They look nifty, especially if your girl has been trying to control you with pouting and remonstrative looks. But, best of all from my spanker perspective, they are utterly effective as blindfolds, with no peeking possible. No more will she get away with cheating at your game of “guess the instrument”! I love these things, end of story.

Last, the item that I haven’t actually seen or handled, but which looks like it would become a swift favorite: the Daddy’s Belt slapper toy.

Daddy\'s belt spanking belt

The description reads:

Show them who’s the daddy with this JT’s Stockroom original design.

A clever twist on the classic punishment belt, this slapper has a traditional belt buckle and loop, and 14 steel rivets holding a looped strap together as a handle. The strap makes a fear-inducing snap, when grabbed at both ends and quickly straightened. The strap is 1½” wide, and 17″ long in a loop.

As always, the biggest reason I’m so happy to recommend stuff from The Stockroom is that I’ve got had a long and happy personal history with them dating back into the 1990s: quality merchandise, good service, and lightning-fast, accurate order fulfillment.

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