Spank That Naughty Flirt

I came across this excellent inter-scene title card from one of those pre-code movies, and figured it was worth investigating further:

intertitle card from The Naughty Flirt, 1931

The movie turns out to be The Naughty Flirt (which sounds promising) from 1931. I figured, rightly, that Chross would have a listing in his Movie Spanking Database; complete with a movie clip link and this still:

still from A Naughty Flirt, 1931

Although the video clip is not of the best quality, I captured a couple of details from the aftermath of the quick spanking scene:

vidcaps from The Naughty Flirt, 1931, showing Alice White

  1. Jonathan Knight commented on March 1st, 2010:

    It’s nice to see these vintage spankings :)

  2. Tia O. commented on May 4th, 2011:

    They are called intertitles. You were very close! Nice catch, this is a hard scene to find!

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