Carribean Spanking Fantasies

There’s a column in the nature of an advice column in the Jamaica Observer, where the discussion turned to spanking fantasies recently:

The studies show that women fantasise about being spanked by their men, too. So even though they have taken corporal punishment out of the classroom, it is still alive and well in the bedroom. Why do you think those sex shops sell whips? It’s for the spanking sessions that women crave.

Now I’m sure they don’t mean those brutal whippings that occur in some countries when people break the law, but more of a gentle light whipping that tingles the skin, stimulates the nerve endings and brings pleasure. Yes, the saying is true, there is pleasure from pain… at least some pain. Talk to any masochist and you’ll hear of untold paroxysms of pleasure that they get from pain. “Oh Baby, slap me again.”

Many women would love it if their men would put them over their knees and give them a proper spanking, the studies show. Why do you think we have those schoolers’ parties, where grown women dress in uniforms like schoolgirls? It’s because they’re reliving the fantasies of their youth, and want to have men control, dominate and even spank them… lightly, of course.

They have “schoolers’ parties” in Jamaica? Who knew?

  1. Jose Cheung commented on November 18th, 2009:

    “these are documented fantasies tabulated by eminent scientists”

    How do I get a grant for a gig like that?

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