Where’s The Ginger? A Cautionary Tale

I’ve written about figging before. As always when you’re putting stuff up your butt, it’s important to leave a large enough base when you carve the ginger. Figging.com has the story (complete with video!) of what happened when the folks at Kink.com didn’t quite get that right:

Anyway, I go to turn around, and I guess readjust or something, and all of a sudden, like, my asshole just [she makes a slurping noise] up the fig root. And I sort of realized what has just happened, and I’m like, I just did this, I ate the fig root, my ass just ate the fig root! So we stopped the shoot for a second, to try and figure out what we were going to do about this.

Story via Eros Blog, which offers an inappropriate song lyric to go with it.

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