Sorority Initiation Fantasy

As you all know I purely hate to embed Youtube videos with spanking content, because they are a transitory phenomenon; six weeks later, like as not the embed is dead. However, this one found at MySpankingBlog is worth mentioning, because it’s a pretty amusing piece of cheesy videotape featuring some really cute girls lining up for a sorority paddling. Screen grabs:

lining up for a sorority spanking

bent over sorority girls about to get a spanking

bare bottomed sorority girls getting an initation spanking

Although the clip is heavily edited in its YouTube version, The Spank Statement identifies it as coming from a movie called Sorority Secrets: Lesbian Initiation. (I looked for the full movie on Skin Video, but they don’t have it yet. However, I did find a similar gem I’ll share in a subsequent post.)

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  1. Dave commented on June 14th, 2009:

    The last pic you included here is especially delicious. Tartan. White panties. Lovely. @@ :-)


  2. Maria_Ping commented on June 14th, 2009:

    I have not found this video yet buy based on the three pics you posted this is the greatest movie ever made:) I would give anything to be there but can’t decide if it would be hotter to be one of the three giving or the six recieving. I would just love to hear all those paddles smacking and pledges screaming at once.
    Another great post that is going to keep me up all night.
    Thanks for all the work you do to satisfy our obsession.

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