Zille on Caning

Zille Defeu has a long and interesting post on her love of the cane, which you ought to go and read. Some key bits:

A caning hurts. Quite a lot. It’s a white-hot slash of pure pain that shocks you upon impact … and then builds up and up until you think you may go crazy. And then, when it’s died down to the point when you are thinking that maybe sanity is an option again … the next stroke comes slashing down…!

And it’s the hottest, hottest thing in the whole wide world.

Simply put: the cane turned me from someone who fantasized about pain into a true masochist. For many years, while I masturbated to thoughts of being spanked, whipped, etc., reality was just too, well, painful. I remember the first time I tried being a masochist; I was so surprised that it just hurt – it wasn’t hot and sexy the way it was in my fantasies!

And over time I had kinda given up on it. I knew I was a pervert, I knew I was a submissive … but being a real, actual “I love the pain” masochist seemed beyond me.

That all changed in six strokes from my Master’s Senior cane….

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