Wife Spanking In Ann Landers

Chross has published the clipping of an Ann Landers advice column from 1960, in which some snoopy sister wants to know what is mentally wrong with her brother-in-law considering that he “finds some phony excuse to spank his wife at least twice a month” and “keeps a ping-pong paddle in the bedroom for this purpose.”

Me, I’m thinking this sounds like good clean fun, and apparently the spanked wife agrees: “My sister says he’s a swell guy and even went so far as to defend him by admitting she usually deserves the spankings.”

Of course good old stick-up-her-ass Ann had her usual judgmental nonsense to reply with, which is why I’m neither quoting nor republishing the column in full. But I did want to show you the quite fun cartoon it was illustrated with:

wife spanking cartoon in Chicago newspaper

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  1. Dee commented on December 24th, 2008:

    Interestingly, I recall a piece by Dear Abby, in the early 70’s about a husband who wanted to spank his wife and his wife was willing but thought there might be something wrong with it anyway. Abby said if you both agree, then go for it, there’s no harm trying it. It was shortly after I realized my interest in spanking as a teenager and so it made a real impression.

  2. Chuck commented on April 3rd, 2009:

    I remember reading that also.

  3. Ann Landers Versus Dear Abby, On Spanking – Spanking Blog commented on July 17th, 2011:

    […] already addressed the judgmental nonsense Ann Landers offered up in response to a marital spanking question in 1960. […]

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