Zille Loves Birching

A really nice account here of Zille deFeu’s first birching, which she greatly enjoyed:

Over the side of the bed I went, and the first birch rod was taken to my backside. He pulled down my gym shorts, first, and I though, “Oh fuck, am I in trouble!” And I waited for the first blow, not having the slightest notion what kind of pain I was in for.

Well, the first blow hit, and you know what – I love birching! That’s not to say it didn’t hurt, obviously, but it was a totally bearable, really exciting pain! If my mouth had not been gagged I might have accidentally burbled, “Ooooh! Hit me again!” Of course he did, anyway. Thirty strokes later, he let me have a breather.

I didn’t want no breather! More, more, more! He said, “I think five more will do …” because he couldn’t tell where I was at, due to being gagged and masked. I shook my head and held out my hand, and then opened and closed it six times. He got the message of “Thirty more, please!” and he went for the other birch rod!

As mumbojumble had said, the thicker rods were quite different from the thinnest ones. Not harder to take, the thin ones were certain the worst, but an excellent mix of stingy-thuddy. I loved every second of the next thirty, even when I started moaning in pain.

He sat down beside me, letting me have another breather. I don’t remember what he said that would have let me have an “out” if it was all too much, but I reached back with my hand, and with my finger drew “90” on his leg.

Of course, my Master is a man who believes in rounded numbers, so I got 100 total!

For the last twenty, he had me kneel between his legs, head pressed against his rock-hard cock, and he reached down and hit me with vertical strokes. Oh! Those stung! And got me to this crest of the wave of pain – where the pain was this thing of beauty, and I could barely breath for the perfection of it. (Yes, I was quite high on endorphins. But that’s how it felt!!!)

She has also posted pictures that are really authentic and hot, although sadly she’s got her watermark slathered right across the middles of a couple of them, which destroys much of their attraction. Why do people disfigure their own art? I’ll never understand that.

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  1. Zille commented on June 23rd, 2008:

    I can answer that one, SpankBoss!

    After you’ve seen your own pictures used on other people’s paysites (or even profiles on Adult Friend Finder!) you start getting a bit protective of your images, esp. the ones you are very fond of! If you don’t stick your watermark right dead-center, people crop it off, so you have to put it somewhere that’s integral to the image, so you at least make it harder for people to get rid of!

    I hate having to do it — it bothers my aesthetic sense, too! — but I try to put it on the image in reasonable (or sometimes amusing) places, so it doesn’t get too much in the way of what people want to see, or what I think the best part of the image is. If no one stole images, I’d be much happier putting a discreet, subtle watermark on — I assure you!

    I’m delighted you liked the write-up, and the images — I’d be happy to send you unmarked copies for your own collection, if you like! :)

  2. SpankBoss commented on June 24th, 2008:

    No thanks, Zille. I don’t see much point in collecting things I can’t display or use, and since you call that stealing, it would be a waste of time for both of us.

    I do appreciate the explanation, but I hope you’ll pardon me if I continue to think you’re completely insane in this one tiny area? To me it’s like you’re scribbling on your own artwork in crayon, so that nobody will want it, and it doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

    When it comes to intellectual property in the internet age, I really think there are lots better approaches than defacing your own artwork. But of course, it’s your property, and thus your choice. I’m still a fan of your blog and your pictures, I just think you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face, as they say.

    In a practical sense, if you made the pictures available un-defaced, you’d get the people who “steal” them (print them without link credit or watermark) and you’d get some people (like me) who would republish them with full credit and a link back. That translates to exposure, traffic, and ultimately money. By defacing the images, you may prevent the theft, but you also prevent most of the exposure. To put it another way, you’re discouraging the honest people, who could be valuable to you, in order to thwart the thieves, who never would be. It’s all very twentieth century.

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