Caning and “Cums”

From a weblog by Slavish:

Had a wonderful time with my Master last Thursday evening. Laid over Masters metal table so that my ass was in the air, bound with cling film around my wrists so that i really couldn’t move and then caned. Hard.

Even after the caning had ended and my ass was stinging like mad i begged Master for more of the cane, knowing that if i received any more they would be extra hard. I was given six more whacks. It hurt like mad but it was one of those times when i just really needed to feel the pain.

My ass was bruised and it didnt half hurt when we sat down to eat supper. Once we had eaten i begged Master again to please spank me so i found myself across his knee having my already throbbing ass spanked with his hard hand.

A chance to practise my deep throating technique, the big giant black dildo pushed up inside my ass hole while Master used the buzzer on my clit, plenty of cums being allowed. Wow, a brilliant evening.

  1. Z commented on October 9th, 2007:

    Is cling film saran wrap like? There’s this stuff at work that every time I have to unwind it I just start day dreaming about things that probably aren’t appropriate for work.

  2. SpankBoss commented on October 9th, 2007:

    Z, that’s the stuff. And your comment reminds me of an unfortunate sexual harassment lawsuit I once heard about. The facts of the case involved horseplay in the warehouse, a roll of pallet wrap (same stuff), and a female front-office employee who was loitering against a stack of goods on a pallet. The warehouse boys told her to move, she said “make me” in a teasing fashion, so they shrink wrapped her right up with the boxes. Somewhere along the line it stopped being funny, and she sued.

    Easy to see how it happened with smiles all around, but (sigh) best not to go there.

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