Spanking The Preacher’s Daughter

This spanking account comes from the Real Life Spanking Stories area on The Spanking Den forum:

Back when I was a young adult I was dating a local preacher’s daughter. I had given some light playful spankings to her, but not punishment and we had not had sex, just went part way.

Between sunday school and worship a girl who had a big crush on me came up and was talking to me, my GF got miffed and I told her she was out of line. While we were talking about it, the girl come up again and the next thing I knew a fight broke out! I was so shocked, I pulled them apart in seconds. I gave my GF a tongue lashing lecture about attacking a kid in the church building and how ashamed I was to be her BF. She fired back and I told her it was over, I was done with her.

Church ticked by like eternity as I sat there brewing over the scene she had caused. She rode with me so we had to leave together. I took her home in silence and noticed her expression changing from a twisted angry to a repentance in the 2 mile ride. Guess it was sinking in what she had done, coming from church and all.

Can not recall why, but when we got to her house I had to go in, guess I had stuff there. Once inside I read her face as tears rolled down her cheeks which was one of her best features and knew she was very ashamed of her behavior, some thing just clicked inside me and her at the same time, with out a word I just walked over, guided her to her knees facing the front of the recliner, bent her over into the seat and began to peel her. (She had the full church girl outfit on, it was like layers of an onion and took effort.) First up came her tight skirt which I had to wiggle over her perky butt in that position, then the slip easily joined it, I pulled the hose down near her knees, and finally the panties (white of course!) were slid down, revealing a nice white bottom trapped in an ummodest positoning causing quite a view.

It was just a hand spanking, but I slapped full strength and left a nice red hand print on her white cheek. I took my time, the slowest spanking I ever gave. Each slap was full strength and she reacted to every one, soon she was glowing. She sniffled and cried quietly the whole time, but never complained. Little by little she loosened and slumped further into the recliner taking it with total submission. After several minutes of spanking, I rubbed her dark red bottom and told her that she had just went way too far today and it could not ever happen again. She said “I know, I’m sorry.” sniffling. We had oral sex and then got dressed before anyone got home.

There was just something about that spanking for both of us. The way she acted leading up to it, the long silence from the church building that built the emotion up, the fact we both had the same idea for a solution at the same time without communicating, the church clothes (I think that was the icing on the cake), and the fact she came straight home from church and got a good spanking, not sure what all, but that spanking was one of the biggest turn ons I have ever experienced in my life.

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