“Wife Beater!”

In which a man has a mild conversation with his wife about protocol for office visits:

She flew at him again cursing and flailing him with her tiny fist, she was furious, she began to cry.

Deke grabbed her arms and jerked her across his lap with her derriere pointing skywards. He spanked her little ass good.

She screamed, spit and cursed. One would have through he was killing her, but the employees knew better than to interfere in the boss’s squabbles, and they also knew it was over the beautiful blonde who had been in his office earlier. However, in the minds of his assistants she was getting exactly what she deserved, busting in like this, acting like they didn’t even exist!

Deke asked sternly, “Are you ready to be reasonable about this?”

She screamed, “Wife beater!”

He popped her another resounding slap on her ass and said, “That’s for the profanity, now will you quit?”

She said, “O.K. dammit, I quit, now let me up.”

He slowly released her. She got from his lap rubbing her fanny. “That hurt.”

Deke said, “That’ll teach you to come bursting into my office like an angered pea fowl and falsely accuse me.”

From a 2002 romance called “The Yellow Daffodil”. (Note to the guys: cheesy romances, if you can stomach them, are a wonderful treasure trove of spanking scenes, not to mention detailed scripts for how to act like a 1950s chest-thumping brute while not only getting away with it, but winning fair maiden in the process.)

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  1. Prof. Tex commented on August 20th, 2007:

    ….. he spanked her little ass well,
    well, not good.
    I could beat your ass good but I will spank it well.

    so get spanked,

    my best,


  2. SpankBoss commented on August 20th, 2007:

    Er, wouldn’t it make more sense to share this little bit of pedantry with the author of the piece?

    Me, I just copied it out, I didn’t write it.

  3. David commented on August 20th, 2007:

    Prof.’s comment reminds me of a TV pilot that never got made:

    “small city, dim lights”

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