House Slave Gets The Birch

From Tan Her Hide, which seems to be featuring spanking illustrations from somebody’s spanking image collection:

house slave birched

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  1. Tom commented on May 23rd, 2007:

    I always assumed Spanking Blog endorsed consensual erotic spanking but this story is about non-consensual punishment in a racist context. In fact, most of the stories on the site you link to here are about non-consensual beating and rape. Do you really mean to endorse this kind of stuff?

  2. SpankBoss commented on May 23rd, 2007:

    Tom, you can read the tag line as well as the next person: “Adult Erotic Spanking At Its Best.”

    The mistake you’re making is assuming that a link is the same as an endorsement. I link to all sorts of places, but if I’m endorsing them, I say so.

    Did I quote the story in question? With approval, or otherwise? I did not. So your assumption that I endorse it is out of line. Indeed, I find it bizarre.

    Now, whether you like it or not, the fantasy of spanking in non-consensual situations is a huge part of the “adult erotic spanking” universe, and artwork depicting those situations is a staple of this blog. Note I said “fantasy”. Girls spirited off rolled in carpets to Turkish harems ruled by eunuchs with gleaming bamboo canes, shopgirls abducted in New York and spirited away by spaceship to a life of abject slavery on Gor, poor shoplifting women birched daily in cold stone Victorian prisons, young female scholars getting caned repeatedly for silly schoolgirl offenses like conjugating french verbs badly, snotty wives being punished unexpectedly for running up their credit cards, and, yes, chattel slave women in the American south being punished by their “owners”, all these and a thousand more are standard erotic spanking fantasy tropes. In most of these situations the spanking is not consensual, but it’s somebody’s erotic fantasy, so that’s within the “erotic” purview of this blog and it’s OK with me.

    If it’s not OK with you, may I politely suggest you’re reading the wrong blog?

  3. Greg commented on May 25th, 2007:

    I wonder why…

    If people don’t like “spanking blogs”, why is it that they even visit them. I would think if they happened across one, and it offended them, they wouldn’t go poking around inside of it to see what was there. In other words, if it offends you, don’t look.

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