I Think She Knew That Spanking Was Coming

In which Angelbrat pretends she didn’t know she had a spanking coming. Me, I think her fruitless efforts at distraction were perhaps a smidge calculated:

Once upstairs I decided to make an effort to improve my attitude, so I climbed into a hot bath and did a very thorough job of shaving myself in all the important places. When I was finished, I put on some sweet smelling lotion (something I used to do every single day, but somehow fell off of – I’m trying to make it a habit again) and put on pretty panties and a white t-shirt.

I lay down and read for a little bit, then yelled for Nick to come up. He came up within a few minutes, his hands suspiciously behind his back. I tried to ignore this disturbing development, choosing instead to offer him my freshly shaved nether regions. He seemed suitably interested, but when he sat down beside me it turned out to be the other side of me he wanted to see.

After a bit of protesting, I turned over, and immediately tensed when he pinned me to the bed. Never a good sign. It took me a while to figure out just what it was he’d been hiding behind his back, mostly because it was hard to concentrate while he was blistering my bottom with it. It turns out it was a hairbrush, which I figured out about the time it broke across my bare butt. He took up the campaign with his hand, which pretty quickly got old for him (how do you think I felt?) He ordered me to stay put, then got up to find a new implement.

He laid his hands on a wooden spatula that I picked up for a dollar somewhere just because, well, I’m a spanko who likes to shop. Now this thing didn’t look very sturdy. When I bought it it was just for play. Apparently it’s made out of some sort of super wood. He absolutely set me on fire. This was one of the longer spankings I’ve ever had, running somewhere over 500 swats, I think. Right now I have a very sore bottom.

Afterwards there were more pleasant activities to pursue, and a less stressed spirit with which to pursue them. Tonight I feel much better, and very much loved.

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