Spanking Your New Girlfriend

So, fellows, are you worrying about how you’re going to introduce spanking to your new girlfriend? It doesn’t have to be difficult, especially since a playful approach like this will generally work if she’s at all receptive to the idea:

So that guy I’ve been writing about… I saw him again this weekend. This sounds like BS, but this is what happened. I’m not gonna go into detail cuz I’m lazy.

But yeah, we’re hanging out in his room, lying in his bed, and he says “you haven’t called me in 4 days” and I look down sheepishly and say “yeah, I’ve been busy with school and all that”. He says in a totally serious tone, but with a grin “Well, you know what this means don’t you. You’re gonna have to be spanked for what you’ve done”.

I look back at him, wonder if he’s serious or not, see that he is, but in a playful way, but I don’t respond just yet. Here’s the thing that’s great: even though he said it that way, and it was an erotic way, if I said “I don’t want to do that” he would say ok. But I bit, and played along. “do I havvvve to?” I say.

He says “yes, now slide down your pants and underwear and lay over my knees” So I did, and let’s just put it this way… I got spanked like I was 7 and had lit the rug on fire. He played with my pussy in between spanks, but this wasn’t like the 6 or so individual spanks before, I mean, I got a SPANKING. It wasn’t bad or anything though. the combination of pleasure and pain was delicious.

  1. karl friedrich gauss commented on October 12th, 2006:

    This post addresses a worthwhile and underreported-on subject. I’ve seen lots of discussions from women wondering how to get their man to spank them, but not a lot from men on how to broach the subject to women. This looks like a good example of how it can be done without a lot of hand wringing. It would be great to have more on this subject, as I’m sure many of your readers would find it interesting.

  2. robeach commented on October 17th, 2006:

    That’s how it happened for us. I’ve said this before, so forgive the repetitiveness. One evening we were enjoying champaine in front of a fire when my SO tells the story of a former boyfriend and how he used a belt on her. Then I said, “I’d like to try that.” She said, well, you’ll need to go get a belt and bring it to me. After returning, she said, take down your jeans and kneel down here. She pulled down my boxers in front of a roaring fire.

    Within 30 minutes I had received the strappin’ of my life. Today we switch. True story.

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