Secretary Spanked By Vindictive Wife

Here’s another spanking story excerpt (from Selling Stephanie by Rosetta Stone:

“You’ll pay for that you stupid little tart! I can do whatever I like because I’m rich and respectable and you’re no more than a common little tramp. Call yourself a secretary? If you hadn’t wriggled your arse and tits at my husband, there’s no way he would have given you a job. And that you are about to regret!”

Still holding the handkerchief to her cheek and with a murderous look in her eyes, she nodded to the man holding Stephanie and the girl felt herself pushed roughly towards towards the desk. Her thighs banged painfully against the edge and she was pushed further forward, the weight of the man bearing down on her to bend her over the desk. Only when she was bent right over were her arms released. The relief from the relentless grip was tremendous but she was too numb to offer any resistance when she was grabbed again, her arms hauled straight across the desk.


Stephanie squealed in shock and alarm as a blaze of heat ripped across the taut flesh of her bared behind.


Another stinging blow smacked down and she twisted wildly around, straining to see what was happening behind her. Mrs. Lloyd was standing to one side of the desk, a thin leather belt dangling from her hand and a cruel smile playing on her thin lips. “I’ll teach you to insult me, you little slut!” As she spoke she raised her arm and whipped the belt down for the third time.

It hissed wickedly through the air and smacked down hard against Stephanie’s helpless backside. She whimpered and Mrs. Lloyd bent closer. “Better get used to the feel of leather on your pretty little arse because there’ll be plenty of that where you’re going.”

Stephanie whimpered again, concentrating hard on not writhing too much. Her backside was hurting a lot but she was much more concerned with keeping her legs pressed together to preserve what little modesty she had left. Mrs Lloyd noticed her desperate attempts and smiled.

“No room for modesty where you’re going, sweetie. Get those legs open!” She backed up the order with another wicked slash of the belt across Stephanie’s upthrust backside and another when Stephanie showed signs of hesitating.

“Come on, slut. The men here want a show.”

Tears pricking her eyes, Stephanie shuffled her feet apart. Her face flamed as red as the welts striping her backside as she realised how lewdly she was exposing herself, but if she didn’t…

Crack! Crack!

The belt slashed two searing tracks across her backside and she howled out loud, twisting and writhing over the desk.

“Wait, I want to see her tits.”

Stephanie stiffened as the man behind her spoke. She wailed in protest but it was no use. He moved up close behind her, his body crushing her bruised buttocks as he leaned over her. His hands slid beneath her, groping for the front of her blouse, fingers sliding inside and gripping the flimsy material. With a quick jerk he ripped it open, buttons popping loose and and spilling to the desk top beneath her, the material tearing as he pulled the garment out from under her. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her bare breasts spilled out, nipples puckering on contact with the cold wood.

“Lift her up. Let’s have a good look.”

The pressure on her wrists eased as the man holding her pushed her back across the desk, and then Stephanie felt her hair grabbed and twisted, her head forced up. As her torso lifted clear of the desk her breasts spilled forward, firm and round, nipples hard and swollen.

“Nice tits, very nice.” The man holding her wrists leered wickedly at her and Stephanie shuddered at the look in his eyes. Behind her, his companion pressed close, cupping the gently swaying breasts and squeezing hard.

“Yes.Very nice. Nice and firm.”

Mrs. Lloyd unwittingly came to her rescue. “Leave her for now,” she ordered. “I want to thrash her hard. I want to give her a thrashing to remember me by.”

Stephanie wailed in protest , but already the man behind her was moving back, leaving her backside open and exposed to the belt.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

With almost unbearable force , the supple leather whipped down onto her invitingly jutting backside. The heat flared through her at once,stinging and burning and wringing high pitched howls from her lips. Her hips bucked and writhed in a futile effort to evade the searing lash , but there was no respite.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The blows whipped in to criss cross the weals already striping her, each new blow an added increment to the burning pain that engulfed her entire backside. The belt whipped up and down relentlessly and her cries and pleas went unheeded. Her body rocked and twisted, a sheen of sweat shining on her pale skin and glistening on her breasts. Her cries were breathless, cut off and choked short by each new smack of the lash across her quivering flesh. Where the lash struck, her skin rippled and flared a deep angry red and she sobbed in despair as she realised she was going to be whipped raw. Her wrists were sore from being clamped so tight while she writhed and twisted helplessly and still the belt smacked down.

Crack! Crack!

No matter how desperately Stephanie writhed and twisted, the lash found her, raising long stinging weals across her already burning flesh. Tears clouded her eyes, her breath rasped harshly in her throat and she slumped limply forward. It was useless to resist. If anything her desperate writhing was serving only to incite Mrs. Lloyd to thrash her harder.

  1. Alex Birch commented on September 10th, 2006:

    ..which I assume you have printed having found it on ‘Taste of the Birch’ . It would be nice if you credited the fact, which I accept you generally do.

  2. SpankBoss commented on September 10th, 2006:

    Er, and did I not this time, too? Please check first hyperlink.

    I value the effort you put into bringing lengthy spanking prose excerpts to the web. I’d never grab chunks of one without giving you a link credit, and believe I always have done. Sorry it wasn’t as obvious this time as it usually is.

  3. Alex Birch commented on September 11th, 2006:

    Oh I apologise and in fact the link does go back to my blog. Its just that you generally give us a name check within the copy.


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