Over The Caning Horse

You’ve all seen punishment “horses” in spanking drawings, if nowhere else. Here’s a detailed description of one being put to good use:

Rosemary, in a frightened daze, took in the room which , she realised, had once been a boudoir. Now it was bare with a few chairs and, in the centre, a wooden construction like a saw horse but on longer legs. Its top came to an edge which was minimally padded by old, well stained leather. Each leg was linked to leather straps. Upon one wall, she noticed, there hung an array of flagellatory instruments. Small whips, leather straps and a number of long canes.

‘Now girl,’ said Weeks ‘Best if you go along with this and get it over with. Just do as I tell you and all will be fine. Slip off your pinafore and dress and be smart about it.’

Rosemary did as she was told, folding the clothes with deliberate neatness onto a chair. She now stood before the two women in her undergarments.

‘Have the girl strip to the waist, Weeks, if you please. Don’t want her sweating into the good underwear my money provides’ said Lady Elizabeth.

‘Off with your top,’ said the Housekeeper and Rosemary obeyed, slipping off the simple white chemise to expose her young breasts.

‘Have her mount the horse!’ said the mistress.

Weeks pulled forward a small wooden box and placed it underneath the horse.

‘Climb astride the horse, girl, and use the box,’ she ordered.

Rosemary stood up on the box and swung her leg over the ridge to stand with her legs apart across its edge.

‘Come down a little towards the end, then part your drawers and sit down with your bare cunny touching the top. I will do the rest,’ said Weeks.

Rosemary did as she was told and parted the material of her drawers then placed her ‘sweet spot’ in its brown curls upon the leather which was marked by the juices of so many girls before her.

Satisfied that the girl was correctly positioned, her bare cunt pressing down against the hard leather of the saw horse, Weeks quickly pulled the box away and Rosemary now felt the painful and instant discomfort of the leather forcing open her labia. Quickly, Weeks swept up each booted ankle and strapped it high up on the rear legs of the horse so that Rosemary was now seated like a jockey. She then pulled the girl down at the front until her nipples caressed the top of the horse. Each of the girl’s wrists was now strapped low down on the front legs.

Rosemary was now perfectly placed, bottom thrust up and ready, the edge of the horse pressing cruelly against the base of her mound and her clitoris. She now realised the cunning of this sadistic device to add additional suffering and pain.

Weeks proceeded to completely bare the girl’s bottom. She pulled open the division of the drawers and worked the material back, tucking it under so that each neat tightened cheek was clearly on show and gleaming pink in the candlelight.

‘Now there, Weeks, is a good sight! What a suitable bottom this young miss has. Well rounded, pert, just ripe for a brisking. Such fresh young skin, neglected for so long. We must make her do her duties without carelessness. A good cane, Weeks. is best for a tight little bottom. That one, the third from the end. That will get her working on the horse and give her a good ride!’

From the story “Maids” as excerpted at A Taste Of The Birch.

  1. Lilly Lee commented on May 16th, 2006:

    I’ve actually never seen a pic or drawing of a ‘horse’ being used. If you happen to decide to post one, I’d much enjoy it. :-)

  2. SpankBoss commented on May 16th, 2006:

    LOL, somebody didn’t follow the link…

  3. Lilly Lee commented on May 16th, 2006:

    Sorry about that!

    Great drawing; although it would still be awful nice to see a photo. ;-) My DIY mind is churning over how to go about building one.

  4. Sarah commented on May 17th, 2006:

    Well, now…that just looks painful. Interesting, but painful.

  5. Ian commented on May 19th, 2006:

    Good story and excellently presented Bottom. Horse looks very high though for use by a woman doing the caning. Have you more pictures like this, I am sure Lilly Lee is interested!

  6. Friday Bondage Links Cornucopia #33 – Bondage Blog commented on June 10th, 2011:

    […] and tied there: “Satisfied that the girl was correctly positioned, her bare cunt pressing down against the […]

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