Pleading Will Not Help

Uh, oh! You’re in trouble now, girl:

bad girl is about to get a hard caning

You can try begging, but I don’t think it will help!

girl in trouble begs and pleads on her knees to no avail

From the Lupus Spanking (formerly Rigid East) people.

  1. Ian commented on March 11th, 2006:

    Good picture of the schoolgirl knickers waiting to be removed, together with the begging pose, which obviously will do no good. Anice shapely bottm to be spanked and caned, as shown further in your link. Whilst I like shaved girls, its good to see one that not now and again, since not all girls adopt this practice.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Amanda commented on March 11th, 2006:

    Owie! That picture makes me nervous. Fortunately Master hasn’t gotten a cane yet. But he’s planning on it. They happen to be a bit on the scarce side around here. But he knows my tendency for Ebay, so I’m sure I’ll have to start looking soon.
    I’m a little nervous anyway…because of my Ebay perusing, I made a discovery that Master couldn’t turn down. We’ve just acquired (as in mailman dropped it off 5 minutes ago) 5 whips (1 horsewhip, 1 8 ft bullwhip, 1 10 ft bullwhip, 1 cat o’ 9, and 1 flogger). S/h included they went for $7. Of course He couldn’t turn that down. *sighs* I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Sarah commented on March 11th, 2006:

    Speaking of which…does anyone know of a good place to find a cane? And other various spanking implements? I’m still a little new to all of this, so I’ll take all the help I can get and appreciate input from the more experienced patrons of this lifestyle.


  4. SpankBoss commented on March 11th, 2006:

    Sarah, I’ve got several toystores in my sidebar you might want to check out (look under “Buy Spanking Toys”). Leather Thorn Paddles is my favorite for leather paddles. You might also Google “The Stockroom” — that’s an online toystore with great products at a good price. They have simple rattan canes and fancy expensive ones made of exotic materials.

    Everybody else: I really can’t allow my comments to be used to recommend specific spanking implement sources, so please don’t post your suggestions here. Sorry, Sarah, but I’ve found that letting people post that sort of thing is too great a temptation to spammers, who come in and post links to their lame cookie-cutter sex toy stores. Commercial recommendations in blog comments are like graffiti on the New York subway system; once you allow a little bit, it quickly gets out of hand.

  5. Sarah commented on March 11th, 2006:

    Understandable, SpankBoss. And thanks for the tips!


  6. Haron commented on March 12th, 2006:

    Ah, yes. This was one of the first spanking videos I’ve ever seen (something like 7 years ago); I think, my jaw didn’t close for a whole week.

  7. Annie commented on March 27th, 2006:

    I should hope pleading wouldn’t work. What’s the point of doing it if it didn’t earn the naughty culprit “extras?”

  8. Kev_kar commented on March 30th, 2006:

    Top one is a superb picture. The cheeks are clenched in anticipation waiting for the knickers to be pulled down and then the sting of the cane.

  9. Pendog commented on July 19th, 2007:

    Excellent pics. It appears she has quite the bottom for a good caning…

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