Spanking A Big Girl… Very Big

Of course all spanked “schoolgirls” in porn must be fully adult women, no matter how many bobby sox and pony tails they display. And that’s just as it should be — we wouldn’t have it any other way. But sometimes putting a schoolgirl outfit on an adult woman crosses the line from fun fantasy to just plain funny. Take this gallery, for instance. Lots of text about young ladies and headmasters and pointless knicker regulations, plus this curvacious young beauty pulling down her panties:

pretty blonde schoolgirl pulling down her panties

Does she get spanked? Of course!

pretty blonde schoolgirl showing off her spanked bottom

But then she turns around to show us her pretty pout. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I’m sure it’s her pout the photographer wanted to highlight.

Uh, hello….

pretty blonde schoolgirl with amazingly large mature-woman hooters

She’s cute and all (I suppose I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers) but after being in the same grade (same form?) for six or seven years, you’d think the headmaster would pass her on out into adult society, so she could get on with enjoying her vast, er, tracts of land. Unless he’s just having too much fun with all the caning?

  1. Aunty Agony commented on November 6th, 2005:

    Hehe, this one really made me laugh, SpankBoss. You really do have an eye for finding the absurd in the spanking Pornosphere :)

  2. Sunya commented on November 7th, 2005:

    I can’t believe you made a Python reference! Worse still, I can’t believe I picked up on it…..

    The lass has odd nipples. The right 9her right) one doesn’t look entirely healthy, IMHO.

  3. Haron commented on November 8th, 2005:

    May I just gently remind you that some of us big girls have fully developped by the age of 12? Seriously! :)

  4. calliope commented on November 8th, 2005:

    [Comment deleted for negative body commentary. Folks, I don’t allow commenters to disparage the appearance of any of the models shown here, nor that of their body parts. The reason is that there’s a lot of people whose critical interaction with porn is limited to making nasty remarks about the models, and if I allow even the tiniest bit of that, it swiftly becomes a flood of sour-grapes frat-boy trash-talk that overwhelms the sex-positive environment I’m striving for here. The deleted comment had no such unpleasant overtones, but I’ve learned that the rule has to be absolute. The pattern is inevitable — one critical comment, no matter how tactfully done, invites dozens of trash-talk follow-up comments from normally-silent readers. ]

  5. SpankBoss commented on November 8th, 2005:

    Haron, you may remind to your heart’s content, but I’ve never seen a twelve year old with boobs that size, and being a man, I do keep an eye open.

    Besides, I don’t think you’re seriously suggesting that woman looks twelve to you?

  6. Haron commented on November 9th, 2005:

    LOL ‘Course not. This girl has definitely repeated a year or five. :) But it’s her face I’m going on, not the, uh, chest.

  7. saladin commented on November 19th, 2005:

    Well if I was lucky enough to be her headmaster, I’d set the toughest exams ever… and make sure she never graduated. Then I’d make sure I regularly spanked her for the next 10 years or so. I think she’s adorable.

  8. Schoolgirls Simulated Badly – ErosBlog: The Sex Blog commented on November 12th, 2012:

    […] Very Grown Up “Schoolgirl” […]

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