Spanking The Cleaning Lady

The new Sex And Submission site continues to be entertaining. You can predict that a shoot is going to be fun when it starts with a big mean-looking bald dude (Mark Davis) confronting cute young cleaning lady Harmony where she kneels with the pieces of a broken jar in her hands:

maid in trouble caught kneeling over a broken jar

You just know she’s going to pay for it with a spanking. And you’ll not be disappointed:

cleaning lady gets a spanking

And then she pays a bit more for it (while still tied up) in that other coin that’s universally accepted wherever women have accounts to settle with powerful men. You know the currency I mean: blowjobs!

  1. TheBoss commented on July 17th, 2005:

    Heh-heh-heh! You DO have quite a wit, Spankboss. And that particular scenario looks like a fun one!

  2. lilwildheart commented on October 30th, 2006:

    Hmm, i’m a cleaning lady, and that has never hapened to me….yet! ;-)

  3. Ria commented on February 6th, 2008:

    Well done – she obviously deserved it…………..

  4. lola commented on April 13th, 2008:

    oh i would let mark davis spank, fuck….do anything to me!

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