The Vacation

I’ve been sorely remiss in my reviewing duties of late. Back around Valentine’s Day, Bethie and I watched The Vacation from Spanking Epics. We enjoyed it so much, we watched it a second time! It’s very entertaining with some hot spanking, too.

the vacation

Since the plot is well-summarized at the links above, I shan’t waste your time repeating what happens in the movie. Instead, I’ll tell you this is a spanking movie that actually has a plot, and spends a fair amount of time developing it before diving into the spankings. The acting is better than normal for porn movies, but still a little bit amateur in the sense that some of the lines sound recited, rather than natural. It’s not a problem, trust me. Both of the female leads are both pretty and cute, and they brat their way into a number of well-deserved spankings.

This movie is emphatically not for fans of extremely harsh spankings, however. There are several OTK scenes that didn’t work for me, because the ladies went from snotty to pleading after just a very few light, measured hand swats (or, in one case, hairbrush swats) that couldn’t possibly have caused that much attitude adjustment. However, some of the other scenes are very plausible indeed, and plenty hot.

There’s an extended flashback scene in which one of our heroines is extensively spanked by hand, with a yardstick, and with a cane by a dirty-old-man professor; if you like such scenarios, you’ll really like this one. The professor is impressively sleazy and very stern. The spanking progresses from mild to (by the time the cane comes out) plenty hard enough to make you believe his victim is feeling properly chastised. She winds up with a pink bottom and some visible marks, but nowhere in the movie will you see vivid or puffy welts in the style of those Eastern European offerings I’ve reviewed from time to time.

By far the hottest scenes in the movie come near the end, when both female leads receive a joint, richly-deserved outdoor switching. Although the switches are not administered very hard, they nonetheless raise a respectable pattern of red marks on deserving female bottoms. At one point one woman is being held by one hand as she tries to run, resulting in a noisy and hilarious orbit around the man with the switch as he calmly keeps switching away.

The entire movie is done with a tongue-in-cheek humor that makes it fun to watch even when no spanking is happening. All the main characters are sympathetic and likeable, even when in full brat mode. You’ll laugh, you’ll snicker, you’ll want to go out into the woods and cut a switch. Recommended!

  1. Sassy Red commented on March 26th, 2005:

    I have loved Bethany’s “Vacation” story for years. I hope they will go back and film part two where Mike is left in charge. The changes they made in the screenplay added a lot of laughs. But Stephanie’s professor scene is intense.

    I love the films from Spanking Epics because they are well written and filmed without the novice actors getting the giggles or looking at the camera.

    So, is Bethany planning to enter anything for the Oscar’s Short Feature?

  2. Easter Bunny commented on March 27th, 2005:

    Easter spankings for all!

  3. Eric B commented on March 31st, 2005:

    Nice review… like it when a spanko movie can manage some humor.

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