“Submit To Me, I’ve Been Knighted As A Dom Now”

You know all those guys in the chatrooms, the ones who call themselves names like “Sir LeathyreSmakke” and the like? Well, some guy was jealous of the way those Sirs were hogging all the hot submissive chicks, and so he rang up Mistress Matisse to find out how he could get to be like them. He asked her:

“How do I find someone to do a knighting ceremony on me?”

Me [Matisse]: “Excuse me? A night-what?”

Caller: “You know, a knighting ceremony. I see all these dominant guys online who have “Sir” in front of their names, like they’re knights. So I asked one of them about it and he said I needed someone who’s more experienced in SM to do a knighting ceremony on me, and then I could call myself “Sir,” too. Do you do that? Does it cost anything? ”

Amazing what kids will believe these days.

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