Spankings With The Zapper

I’ve blogged before about The Zapper Paddle. As a spanking implement, it gives off a modest spark with each swat, while generating lots of twitching and kicking. (At least, when used on Bethie.) It leaves the cutest little white mark where it touches, although the mark fades rapidly and is gone in mere moments. It also generates a wicked smell with repeated swats — ozone of course, but with an evil whiff of singed microscopic body hairs. A nasty toy, but fun!

The new Wife Training blog takes the fun to a new level, at least in imagination:

This is marketed as an electric fly swatter, but I have seen them used as a spanking implement that delivers a shock with each swat. I personally see it as a way to shock your nipples. It seems a very quick and efficient way to introduce some negative reinforcement if I find you not to be serving my needs properly.

Probably a bad idea in reality (electric toys, even mild ones, don’t belong near the chest area, since the faint electrical signals that control the heart are said to be susceptible to disruption even by the tiniest of currents) but I can well imagine that applying this thing to the nipples would generate an immediate and urgent desire to please.

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  1. Firmhanded commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Any electrical play above the chest can be dangerous, but electro nipple play is possible, and the electric fly swatter has the potential to be a good implement for these purposes. The main issue is polarity. If you use a single pole device on each nipple, the current will pass across the chest. With a bi-polar device, you are limiting where the shock will travel and it should just travel between the poles of the device. There is a wide variety of implements out there that are bi-polar that can be used for electro nipple play.

  2. Spankboss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    “it should just travel between the poles of the device”

    Yeah. Only, the woman I love is a little too precious to me to rely on “shoulds”. No electroplay above the chest for me.

  3. Bethie commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Thanks for making me feel precious, Sweetie! :)

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