Asking For A Spanking

Patty had to ask for a spanking the other day. I quote the asking part, you’ll have to read for yourself the (hard) spanking part. And, of course, the part with the “after the spanking” activities. (“Bad, naughty Zoot!”)

I let Fred spend enough time to do all the bills and the budget in Quicken. Partly while I got up my nerve, but also because I know it puts him in just the right kind of mood to be able to spank really hard. Then I knocked on the door to the den with Bethany’s paddle tucked up behind my back.

My timing wasn’t quite perfect, because he wasn’t quite done, but my interruption was OK with him.

“Hey there?”

“”Hi.” I know I sounded nervous, because I could feel myself trembling and my face flushed.

The concern on his face was immediate. I think he was afraid something was wrong for a second, and then I reached out the paddle to him and his expression changed immediately. “Hard?” He knew right away why I was there and what I needed.

“Yes please.”

“You’ve been working up to this for days haven’t you?”

I just nodded, because my mouth dried up. I knew then that he’d been waiting to let me get to a place where I could ask this time, and that he was more than ready to apply all his frustrations and curbed annoyances into giving me what I needed.

“Come here,” he pushed his chair away from the desk and around away from other obstructions and pointed to the floor by his feet.

Second, third and fourth thoughts flooded through me before I obeyed him, but my need defeated them all and I moved to where he told me to go.

“Pull your pants down Patty,” he sounded annoyed that I hadn’t already started to do that.

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