Taboo Magazine

As I was cleaning up some files I came across a couple of magazine covers from Hustler’s Taboo magazine:

taboo magazine

Remember paper porn mags? They are still out there — or, at least, the ones that haven’t gone bankrupt are. Most of them can’t hold a candle to internet porn, but Taboo is something special. It’s a bondage, spanking, and fetish (some rubber, some latex, some watersports, some smoking, you get the idea) magazine published by the Hustler empire, with all the cutting edge flirting-with-obscenity-law Larry Flynt rawness that goes along with that. (For instance, it’s the only place I’ve ever seen printed porn that shows sex in handcuffs, bondage blowjobs, and the like.) Famous bondage guy Earnest Greene is the editor, and it shows. It’s a stunningly high-quality production for an outfit like Hustler, and just about the only porn magazine that hasn’t ever disappointed me.

We spankos are not left out. As the covers indicate, no issue of Taboo is without some whipping, riding crops, or some hand spanking. The pictorials are rarely pure spanking fetish stuff; the spanking is usually combined with sex or bondage or both. Lots of times, it’s understated; a few hand prints showing on a bottom below a latex mini-skirt, or a few welts in a bondage sex pictorial. But there’s plenty of good spanking entertainment, with a visual style I haven’t seen on any internet porn site:

taboo magazine

Why am I telling you all this? Because now the Hustler’s Taboo website, which is part of the Hustler Network, offers Digital Access to a large library of back issues of the magazine. There are different pricing plans but at least one of them has a monthly cost that’s cheaper than the cover price of a single magazine!

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  1. Erica commented on March 10th, 2005:

    SpankBoss — if you happen to have a copy of Taboo from January 2000, check out the amateur section. That’s me gettin’ spanked, in three pics. :-D They refer to me as the “enigmatic Ms. E” (but that business about being 29 was a kindness from the writer; I was actually 42 in those shots) — Erica

  2. SpankBoss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Erica, I should own that issue — but it’s in deep deep storage if I do, so there’s no way I can get at it. :o(

    You tease. :)

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