Who Needs A Marriage Counselor?

I am honored to present another excellent and very hot spanking story, that you won’t have seen before. It seems Jen has been neglecting her husband, until he finds a way to remind her not to:

Lance began applying the heavy leather tawse randomly across her behind, striking in with hard fast slaps. “You’ve become a little too big for your britches,” he scolded her. “It’s time to remind you who’s the boss here, missy!”

Lance swung the tawse harder, enjoying watching Jen’s jerky reaction to every swat. She moaned and twisted, trying to relieve the sting in her behind. He knew exactly how to apply that supple piece of leather and he had her dancing beneath her restraints in no time. Jen was becoming frantic. Each spank stung and then burned, making her gasp and twist her body up onto her tiptoes. Jen felt her desire becoming stronger as her husband continued her punishment and his lecture.

“You’re going to keep more reasonable hours, you hear me?” he asked, without ever breaking his rhythm. “You’ll behave yourself or find yourself back here again. Do you hear me, missy?”

From “Jen’s Reminder” by Bethie.

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