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Bound Ankles book cover
Here’s an excerpt from an F.E. Campbell novel called “Bound Ankles”, with cover art by the famous Bob Bishop. Campbell didn’t go in for spanking per se so much, but boy howdy if he didn’t have a dozen whippings in every book:

The crack of a riding crop against bare female flesh resounded throughout the big dungeon, followed immediately by a squeal of pain. “I just love the way she jerks and cries out when the riding crop hits,” said Pip with considerable sincerity. “It is rather nice,” agreed Patsy.

Both girls were holding riding crops, standing on either side of the hanging Donna, and taking turns applying their instruments of pain across the bare flesh of her nicely rounded bottom. Donna, completely naked as usual, was hanging by her wrists which were strapped tightly with leather bands. Her toes were perhaps an inch off the floor, close enough to be frustrating but far enough so she couldn’t touch the floor.

With each impact of the riding crop, her body jerked and she danced a few steps in mid-air before she calmed down. Then her body would slowly sway back and forth while awaiting the next blow from the giggling teenagers.

“You really shouldn’t have refused to crawl back to the house,” offered Pip. ”Mommy says we can whip you for disobedience. You were disobedient.” “Yes, you were so bad,” chipped in Patsy. Both girls were in high spirits. They didn’t often get a chance to whip Donna and they did love it so.

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