How to Get Your Partner To Spank You

Here’s another one of these how-to articles, namely, “How to Get Your Partner to Spank You (No Matter How Politically Incorrect It Is)” by Miss Lee. Written from the feminine perspective, although the wording is mostly gender-neutral:

But back to the present and the problem at hand, namely, how do you get your partner/lover to give you a good, old fashioned walloping? Let’s say you’re normally a take-charge woman, independent as heck, know what you want and how to ask for it. Yet, when it comes to the S word, you’re so nervous you feel like you’re on a first date. At fourteen. With a huge zit on your face.

Full of sensible advice well presented. But I gotta say, it’s startling how many of these articles are floating around out there, mostly written by women. Whiney rhetorical question: If there are so many frustrated lady spankos running around, how come I never seem to meet any?

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