Humiliation & Revenge

Here’s a story chock full of erotic humiliation and revenge. Joining the story in progress, Robyn, who previously tricked Natalie into exposing all her naked charms in front of an appreciative public audience, is getting some just deserts, having been entrapped as the spankee in a public spanking booth for charity:

Robyn cringed in shame and embarrassment as the first curious, customers arrived, to be greeted by the enthusiastic Natalie.

“Roll up! Roll up! Big butt here just waiting to be spanked! Five dollars worth, sir? Certainly. Have an extra one on the house! Oh no, she won’t feel a thing. These panties are extra-specially padded. You didn’t think her butt was really that size, did you?”

Robyn squirmed, and struggled, and pleaded through her gag, but to no avail. Then she felt the first of the hand-spanks, mainly from men who were delighted to get the chance to paddle such a young, beautifully presented, pantied rear. And all for a good cause, too! Poor Robyn yelped and whined as each loud, painful spank landed on her unprotected rump, making her butt-cheeks dance and wiggle delightfully through the tight, white silk panties. Soon her rear began to redden, and throb, and she bucked and cursed, and longed to rub her throbbing behind.

Robyn struggled against the handcuffs, wriggling her tormented butt as she did so, trying desperately to get out of this humiliating predicament. This only made the whole spectacle more enjoyable for the on-lookers. The tent was now filled. Everyone wanted to stay on and watch the spankings after they had delivered their own.

From When The Red, Red Robyn by Shaw.

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