Spanking Nyssa To Tears

A hard paddle spanking that makes Nyssa Nevers cry is always a treat for the rest of us:


Another from Punished Brats. By the way I’ve started a Spanking Blog outpost on Tumblr to help me find all the Tumblr spanking goodies, and that’s where I found this picture.

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Spanked Until Her Hair Flies

I’ll admit it’s a micro-fetish, but I have it: I’m a sucker for spanking photos in which the spankee is reacting so strongly that her hair is flying everywhere. This picture from the website Spankotronic (which has been defunct since 2005) is an excellent example of the genre:


Via the Punished tumblr..

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Spanked Daughter

I post rather less family-themed spanking porn than I post other stuff, the reason being that family spanking scenes are less likely to push any of my fun buttons. But if the visual signifiers are sufficiently silly, it works better for me. This spanking photo from Punished Brats is a great example. The flannel shirt says “Daddy” loud and clear, while Amber “Pixie” Wells sports the pony tails and frills of a flighty daughter; but nobody is trying too hard to sell us a family fantasy, it’s all so clearly for fun:

spanked daughter

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Belt Dancing And Singing

He wants what he wants, and I think he’ll get what he wants:

"I wanna see you dance, just for me, and sing, too!"

From the Dofantasy comic Snatched! by Galvarino.

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Spanked By Her Personal Trainer

They say a strict personal trainer is essential if you want good results. It sure seems to be working for Audrey Noir:

personal trainer gives her a spanking

spanked by her personal trainer

Photos are from the most recent update at Whipped Ass. A short free video clip of the spanking scene can be found here.

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Slapper Crop On Sale

The post on ErosBlog yesterday about the Dog And Pony Sale that the Stockroom is running during these dog days of summer reminded me to check the sale for good discounts on spanking toys. And indeed, the venerable classic Slapper Crop is 25% off for the duration of the sale:

the slapper riding crop

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Haul Off And Spank Her

This vintage opportunistic spanking scene is from Richard Windsor’s excellent vintage spanking site. I know I sure wouldn’t be able to resist smacking that delicious wet target:


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She Loves A Whipping

“Oh, no, where are you going, honey? Come back!”

manga love whipping

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