Bargaining For A Better Spanking

She may be a hillbilly’s daughter, but she’s smart enough to try and bargain to turn a bad spanking into a good spanking!

hillbilly daughter begs to have her boyfriend deliver her spanking

Cartoon is by Dan DeCarlo, and is much of a theme with this one.

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Pussy Spanked Through Her Panties

She might hope it’s less humiliating to have her pussy spanked through the fabric of those skimpy panties, but if she thinks it will be markedly less painful, she’s in for a surprise:

blonde bimbo gettting a pussy spanking over her panties

From a shoot called The Good Slave at Whipped Ass, which is a Kink Unlimited production.

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Whipped On A Hot Day

I dunno whether she’s sweating all over because it’s hot in the interrogation room, or whether the little droplets of sweat all over her are a physiological reaction to her stressful interview under the whip:

hot whipping interrogation

Art is by Baanin.

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Pool Table Spanking, Redux

Six years ago I posted a smaller version of this pool hall hussy getting a public spanking. But now I have a hi-res scan to offer:

naughty french girl bent over a billiards table for a public spanking

Art is by Léo Fontan (aka “Fontana”), and is said to have illustrated a French book having the title Chambrieres de haute ecole.

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Lightly Whipped Anime Blonde

I’m not sure if it was the light whipping this anime blonde is showing marks from that inspired her to kneel and promise to be a better girl. It might have been the threat of being tied up with that handy rope and getting a serious whipping:

whipped anime blonde

Art is by hentai/manga artist Kazuma Muramasa.

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Cropped In Leather Hot Pants

Cropping the ass of a woman who is wearing leather hot pants looks real pretty in the photograph, I grant you. But don’t we all think the leather offers rather more protection for her bottom than a spankee should have?

spanking her bottom with a riding crop while she's wearing very short leather shorts

From a 1996 issue of Privilege Plus magazine.

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Whipped In The Chamber Of Horrors

Given some of the other horrendous devices in the background, could it be that the severe whipping Our Heroine is enduring here is far from the worst thing that could be happening to her?

torture chamber whipping

This image has been floating around the net for at least a dozen years based on some of the date stamps I found, but the artist is unknown to me.

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