A Spanked Stenographer

When he said “Miss Olivia, come in and take a memo…” it turns out not to have been a memo he had in mind at all:

over the knee otk spanking for a note-taking secretary from her boss

Artwork is, of course, by Bill Ward.

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Tanning Her Bottom On The Beach

If the sun isn’t tanning her bottom fast enough, we spankos know a better way:

beach bondage paddling in the hot sun

This artwork is Beach Bum by Alexi-C, who writes:

This picture is for CeeAyBee’s Spring Break-Me contest, and features two of his original characters, Sadista and Silke Arches. In this scene poor Silke has been left out on beach with nothing to protect her from the hot tropical sun except a beach hat (and matching shackles and ball gag). After some time Sadista has returned, paddle in hand, to a administer a spanking to the bare, burnt bottom.

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Manga Spankings Hurt Too

I never get tired of spanking media featuring complaints about spankings that hurt. Why, yes, Princess, that would rather be among the many points of the exercise! Here is an entrant from the world of Japanese manga:

spankings hurt in manga too

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Caning Gina Valentina

gina valentina on a spanking bench smiling by a bucket of canes

As is usual in these visually-rich productions from Digital Sin, this lovely shot is eye candy but somewhat promotional. That bucket of canes gets no play in the 40 minute movie, and the excellent spanking bench is mostly used as bondage sex furniture. There is indeed lots of bondage, whipping, and BDSM sex in He’s In Charge #2, as available from Kink Unlimited.

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Cringing Under His Whip

It looks like this poor woman had maybe one small article of underclothing on when this whipping began, but it’s not doing her very much good:

whipped and cowering at his feet

Artwork is a detail from the cover of a De Sade pulp magazine.

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Equestrienne Correction

To a woman who possesses a riding whip, the resolution of every little relationship problem looks simple:

lesbian horsewoman prepares to whip her bondage girlfriend

From Velvet Love Volume One by Mazzotti and Silvestroni.

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Brush Spanking, Pulp Style

This is one of those pulp-cover artworks that makes me wonder whether the artist was just moving really fast, or did he actually imagine that when spanking someone with a household brush, the bristle side goes toward the spanked flesh?

spanking a poor girl with hand and the bristle side of a clothing brush on the cover of an italian fumetti pulp

Art is from the cover of Seduzione.

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Alice And Kiki In Trouble

Now this right here is the kind of establishing shot that makes discerning consumers of spanking porn want to join a site to see what’s coming. It’s from the May 14 update at RealSpankings.com, one of the very few producers left in the United States still making spanking-themed porn on the regular.

alice and kiki know they are about to get an epic spanking

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