Pulp Whipping, Reconstructed

Dr. Faustus at Erotic Mad Science has commissioned two series of what he calls “pulp art reconstructions”. Basically he takes old sexy pulp covers and commissions artists to create new, somewhat sexier versions, with more nudity and open sexuality. For example:

two pulp whippings

The original art (left) graced the cover of Shock Mystery Tales in February of 1963. The recreation (right) is by Horst Dounichdy-Glokken.

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Not The Cure For A Spanking Obsession

Supposedly this recent shoot for Whipped Ass features Dolly Leigh visiting Kirsten Price’s psychiatric office in hopes of getting a cure for Dolly’s obsessive sexual spanking fantasies. Somehow I don’t think this therapy is going to do the trick:

spanking cure

Also, here’s a free “pro tip”: if your psychiatrist has a huge shelf of legal books in her office, she just might not be the real deal.

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Padded Spanking Bench

This steel-framed Padded Spanking Bench is just about the nicest spanking bench I have ever seen. I don’t have anywhere to put it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it:

padded spanking bench by metal bound

The Stockroom describes it like this:

Spanking enthusiasts from a broad range of experience can enjoy MetalBound’s stylish Padded Spanking Bench covered in washable functional vinyl. Padded for comfort, the spanking bench includes knee rests to get the bottom at just the right angle for punishment. The polished steel frame is easily sturdy enough to stand up to the most enthusiastic squirming. If your partner does start to move a little more than you want, the frame has more than twenty attachment points where you can apply the proper restraint with rope, chains, cuffs, or whatever else suits your fancy.

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Lesbian Nettles Orgy

She’s the guest of honor at a lesbian stinging nettles party, and she wants you to know that her suffering is infernal:


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Ruler Spanked Schoolgirl

spanking a schoolgirl with a wooden ruler

From RickSavage.com, one of the Fetish Network sites.

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Spanked To Tears (And To Arousal)

It’s really a lot of fun when you spank a girl so hard that she cries, and also can’t help lubricating so much that the juice of her arousal runs down her legs:


CherryRed found a smaller lightly-censored version of this picture and wondered about the artist. Turns out the art is by ぢぇいぢぇい aka “^JJ^”. There’s quite a bit of ^JJ^ art online, and some of the tags suggest this might be an all-grown-up version of the character Ruri Hoshino from the anime franchise Martian Successor Nadesico.

A Tight Pussy Rope Enhances Any Whipping

Don’t believe me? Observe:


Art by Asmodeus.

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Whipping Linda Darnell

According to Chross, this is actress Linda Darnell in the 1946 production of Anna And The King Of Siam:


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