“Paddle Royal” Silly Catfight Spanking

This silly OTK catfight-spanking is from a contrived scene in the October 1947 Eyeful magazine. Supposedly two waitresses (only they ain’t exactly dressed for work) get in a catfight that gets resolved with the spanking you see here:

catfighting waitresses otk lingerie spanking

Hey, it just goes to show you that the lad mags of 1947 weren’t any better than the ones today, right?

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A Smacking And A Licking

First he spanks her with his rough hands, then he soothes her with his tongue:

hand spanking and ass licking

Artwork is by an uncredited artist in a 2008 French language portfolio called Premières Fois.

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A Nice Set Of Welts

This photograph comes from a bondage magazine photoset that contains no other hint or indication of spanking or whipping activity, so I think a skeptical man would wonder whether those lovely welts were the product of a makeup artist’s brush. But who are we to question the artistry of contrived suffering?

tied in a basement with welts on bottom and thighs

The photograph is from a 1986 House Of Milan (HOM Inc) magazine, Strict V.1 #07. The lovely model is Lori Waverly.

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A Frollo OTK Spanking

For all of Leone Frollo’s prodigious output of fetish art, we don’t often see good old-fashioned bare-bottomed OTK M/f hand-spanking art from him:

frollo over-the-knee spanking art

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Spanking His Pet Pussy

House Of Milan (HOM Inc, aka H.O.M.) is known for a lot of kinky porn from the 1970s and 1980s, but not a lot of spanking material per se. So I was interested to see a number of what appear to be spanking titles in their advertisement for 8mm color loops in the back of a 1983 bondage magazine. Details are sketchy, but some of the titles and advertising stills are promising, such as “Spanking His Pet Pussy”:

Spanking His Pet Pussy H.O.M. 8mm  loop pre-1983

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The Painful French Lesson

Eventually, she will learn. But her bottom may get awfully sore first!

caned by the french teacher on the desk in front of the chalkboard blackboard until she learns

I blogged a different photo from this set a long time ago.

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OTK Brush Spanking

This is one of those brush spanking illustrations that bothers me because, to my way of thinking, the bristles are pointing in the wrong direction:

otk brush spanking

Artwork is by “Rex” from Dominate #16, which is available in the Internet Archive.

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Hand Spanked In Fishnets

uniformed woman in fishnet stockings receives a hand spanking in a bar

This hand spanking photo comes from a vintage spanking magazine of unknown age called “New Derriere #4”. From its style — mixed black-and-white photos with just a few color pages, no text at all, about 30 pages and just a single photoshoot making up the whole magazine — I would guess it to be a 1970s production.

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