Vintage Lesbian Bedroom Spanking

This half-clad lesbian spanking photo seems pretty cute and tame to our modern eyes, but when it appeared in the pages of the 1960s Action Publishing pamphlet Dike it would have seemed a lot more transgressive:

topless lesbians in fancy lingerie spanking each other

Be sure and click through for the full glory of our top’s beehive hairdo (not shown here in its entirety).

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Lexan Paddle Strikes Again

Apparently it was time for another demonstration of the striking power of a transparent Lexan paddle at Real Spankings:

pink bottom and clear plastic spanking paddle

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Vintage Ping Pong Paddling

I think the lady is overdressed for a ping pong paddle spanking, but the fancy lingerie is very nice, and the wooden pillory and ankle stocks should keep her from thrashing too much:

vintage pingpong paddling photo in the style of Irving Klaw or John Willie

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Naughty Wife

I don’t know what she did to her husband or precisely why he bound her wrists with her own shirt before spanking her:

naughty wife bent over and spanked

However, the fact that she wriggled semi-loose until she could reach a finger up her own ass suggests to me that this naughty wife probably had it coming!

naughty wife in bondage slides a finger up her own bottom

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A Long Drawn-Out Martinet Punishment

There’s a lot of detail in this vintage martinet whipping photo. The careful stage set by the spanking bench draped with rich patterned fabrics, the nice silk stockings with lace trim, the print-fabric dress raised to her shoulders, the taught rope bondage, the poised whip, the sturdy woman administering the punishment: everything points to an extended painful session that our punished heroine will not soon forget!

vintage martinet-whipping punishment photo

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Problem Like Maria: Solved!

How do you solve a problem like Maria? Blake has figured it out while preparing a naughty filk for a custom video:

How do you solve a problem like Maria?
Maybe a good hard flogging’s what she needs!
First find a tree and rope with which to bind her.
Then whip her bare back hard until she bleeds…

I must admit, I never considered Maria to be quite that much of a problem, but she’s a delightful bit of baggage and sorting her out wouldn’t be any kind of burden at all.

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Not-Actually-Spanked Amateur

So I got a little bit fooled by this old porn-tumblr photo, which looks a lot liked a non-commercial spanking photo of the type that lots of kinky people used to upload and share:

photoshopped amateur spanking pic

It turns out I was right about the amateur (non-commercial) part, but the spanked part is the result of diligent editing. Here’s the actual photo as it originally circulated, sadly without any pretty spanking blush on that lovely bottom:

amateur nude, no spanking marks

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