Whipping The Chained Lingerie Girls

This artwork is from an interior illustration for a story called Lord Of The Whip, that appeared in Man’s Adventure magazine in December 1964:

chained and whipped lingerie girls

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Good Hard OTK Spanking

This really nice OTK spanking photo is signed by Ed Sonner, a one-time photo editor for Hustler who did a lot of photography for Leg Show and Leg Action magazines among many others:

Ed Sonner over the knee spanking photo

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French Public Caning Postcard

I wish I had some greater idea why these two French dudes are caning this woman on a stone bench under a gas streetlight:

caning a french sex worker

Artwork is signed “R” — which doesn’t tell us much.

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Anime Breast Whipping

That’s some pretty fancy work for such a long whip, but I guess she knows what she’s doing:

anime breast whipping with a long bullwhip

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Toilet Spanking

Spanking doesn’t get any more domestic than this: it looks like he caught her on the toilet, tied her wrists to the towel bar, and now he’s spanking her with his belt and the toilet brush!

wife spanked in the toilet by her angry husband

Artwork is from the cover of Wife Beater (Sex Brutality Series, SXB-114 1977).

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Let’s Start This Paddle Party!

Her wrists are tied, the paddle and his erection are both ready, and he’s taking off his pants. Looks like it’s time for this very private paddle party to get started!

wife with taped wrists waits for her pleasure paddling

Artwork is from the cover of Housebroken Wives: Punished For Pleasure (Dr. Lamb Library 1977).

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Hentai For The Camera

If a tree falls in the forest with no one to hear it, did it make a sound? Philosophers have argued over this philosophical question about the nature of perception and existence for more than 300 years. But if you take even the tiniest dip into the oceans of hentai BDSM artwork on the internet, you’ll quickly find out that anime porn artists seem to be consumed by a related but much more interesting question: if you whip a tied up girl but there’s no camera present to record the festivities, does she even cry out?

robot whipping for remote cams viewing

Luckily, there’s an easy way to cut right through that difficult philosophical Gordian knot: record every BDSM session! Make sure the camera’s implacable gaze never falters. Then we’ll be sure to hear every shriek of pain and each helpless whimper. Who could object to that?

whipped tits displayed for the camera

Call it a precautionary principle — that will annoy true philosophers even more than the rough liberties I’ve already taken with Berkeleyan Idealism. My precautionary principle is that you can’t be too careful: it’s better to get that whipping on camera than to let your submissive’s agonies be lost to the delectation of history.

bondage whip beatdown filmed

As long as the internet has existed, we’ve enjoyed the exhibitionist output of women who take this “let no sexual experience go unfilmed” wisdom and make of it a lifestyle. Early camgirls operated on a model of inviting voyeurs into their whole lives; typically they would wire their living spaces with fixed cameras and sell access to the feeds. That’s evolved, over time, into modern camming. Small shows and private sessions give more opportunity for kinky play, and the camera never blinks! The happy upshot: there’s no telling what kind of spanky shenanigans the live BDSM cam girls like the ones at Camzter.tv may get up to.

humiliated bondage girl filmed

Sadly the world is deficient in functioning bondage orgasm machines with robotic-arm spanking attachments, but I can guarantee you that if I had one, I’d be zealous about capturing each session on the machine in full digital glory:

robot sex machine spanking voyeur

You don’t need robots or sex machines to make a kinky moment worth capturing on camera, though. Even the most low-tech punishments are worth preservation. The artist who imagined and captured this riding crop breast whipping session was clear on the concept, and thus was careful to provision the scene with a permanently-affixed ceiling-mounted video camera:

riding cropped titties camshow

I won’t go quite so far as to argue that a camera makes any BDSM playtime better, but I do believe this: the prevalence of cameras in kinky art helps demonstrate that the act of filming a play session is widely understood to be part of the kinky fun. So don’t hesitate to take pictures!

camzter TV banner