Whipping Nicola’s Pussy

This almost-poetic pussy whipping is from Beloved Bonds by F.E. Campbell:

Nikola had become stoic. She lay on her back and brought her legs up and back. The warrant officer looped her ankles and pulled to each side until she rested on her shoulders, her bottom reared and her thighs spread to expose the well-thatched labia presumed to be the source of her delinquency. In this obscene posture she was privileged to have a close-up view of her own punishment.

The warrant officer tossed a coin. “Tails!” He nodded at Nikola. “That’s you.” He produced a short whip of many delicate thongs. “This will warm you up nicely, love.”

To watch was awful. It was also fascinating. The young loins took the striations of the whip with shuddering jerks at implacable bonds, the pale dusky skin scoring and welting across the puffed vulva, the flat belly, the creases of the groins, and the tender junction of thighs. Trudy watched, wincingly, in the knowledge her own skin would soon be similarly responding. She was wedded to the post by cords. She could not move away. Her nakedness waited in enforced patience.

“That’s right, m’dear, scream all you want,” Ringbolt magnanimously conceded. “I could gag you if you want. But, actually, we’d prefer you to make a noise so the other little fillies can hear. We want ’em to understand it doesn’t pay to be silly.” He took a deep breath. “Now, let’s see if I can’t get in the crease a bit harder.”

Nikola screamed lustily, her Venus mound aflame. Trudy cringed with every blow, longing for it to end. She could picture the girls outside, exchanging nervous glances, shrugging diffidently, wondering… Nikola’s vocals would be a stern deterrent to any maiden nonsense in any maiden mind.

“I think we’ll call that enough.” Ringbolt made it sound as though he had bestowed great riches. “Twenty’s a good number. A girl remembers twenty, and you’re a nice colour down there. Never seen a cunt swell any better or take the marks.”

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Whip Maestro

This man clearly makes the whip go where he wants it to go:

whip master

From the cover of De Sade magazine.

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Beating The Chambermaid, 1787

Little fragments of this engraving are easy to find on the BDSM internet, but a good full image of it in decent resolution proves to be much harder to find. It’s sufficiently old and interesting that I finally got frustrated/curious enough to chase it down:

1780s chamber maid being beaten with a stick on her back

This scan is from Le paysan ét la paysane pervertis; ou Les dangérs de la ville (1787) by Restif de La Bretonne, via the Houghton Library at Harvard University. The full scan bears captions that may identify the artist, but though they are legible I’m not certain of their meaning:



Simple School Punishment

This simple “yardstick spanking over the teacher’s desk” drawing is artwork by a Japanese artist whose site dropped off the net about ten years ago:

yardstick spanking Japanese

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OTK Hairbrush Spanking

Not sure what kind of teacher delivers over-the-knee hairbrush spankings, but don’t ask, just go with it:

pandora gets a hairbrush spanking from her teacher

From Dreams Of Spanking.

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Redden Her Bottom Before Sex

Right here we have a gentlemen who clearly understands the proper use of a leather strap as foreplay:

girl with a flaming red bottom is fucked from behind by a man holding a large leather strap with holes in it

Artist is Tumtumisu.

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Whipped Without Supper

She’s having a glass of brandy to help her with her important disciplinary work. But the subject of her afflictions has already, I suspect, been sent to bed without any supper:

whipped at bedtime

Art is signed Jim Black, which is one of the synonyms of artist Luc Lafnet.

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Paddling Maria May

paddling pain toy maria

In her recent update at Paintoy, Maria May spend a long and painful afternoon on Alebeard’s spanking table. This was only the very beginning!

swatting maria's ass

maria cannot hold position during a hard spanking with a wooden paddle

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