Oh, The Fun You Can Have…

…when your new stepmother turns out to be a gangbang pornstar and she doesn’t want your dad to find out:

Mona Wales surfs the internet for some hot gangbang porn to jack off to. To her delight she stumbles upon a filthy MILF gangbang starring her new stepmom! Mona is taken a back at first but her stepmom, Simone Sonay, is so hot and slutty Mona can’t help but watch it until Simone barges into the room! Mona is pissed, and threatens to tell her father about Simone’s extracurricular activities unless she licks her pussy and gets her off. The punishment continues with Mona spanking her stepmother’s ass red, fisting and double penetrating her making Simone squirt all over!

Of course the spanking is the part we’re most interested in, and some fine spanking it is, too!



From Whipped Ass.

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Erica Scott: Ready For Him To Bring It

Erica Scott posted a picture on her blog of her patented 10,000-watt “bring it!” spanking smile last week:

We moved to the ottoman. I was ready for him to bring it:


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Taking A Spanking… Professionally

If you look closely at this photograph, you’ll see that the model (identified only as Gabriella) is doing a very difficult thing. She’s holding still enough to balance several spanking implements on the small of her back, while taking a swat hard enough to splash the flesh of her right butt cheek and upper thigh. A skilled professional!

And it’s not like the spanking she’s getting doesn’t hurt, as this facial shot makes clear:


The photographer is Dave Naz, and the photos are from the the May/June 2014 issue of Taboo magazine, which (if you can’t find it on your local newsstand, and you probably can’t these days unless you live in a good sized city) is available online in a digital edition (with about five years of digital archives) as part of your membership to the Hustler’s Taboo website.

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Spanking Seven Slutty Princesses

If an overwhelmed Google Translate is not leading me too far astray, this artwork is by “Mister Mike”. I found it illustrating a French-language version of The Brave Little Tailor in which it seems (making due allowances for machine translation once again) that Our Hero, having proclaimed that he got “Seven in one blow!”, thus comes to the attention of the king. The same king who is plagued by seven lazy and slutty daughters…


Luckily the tailor was up to the task of disciplining them!

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Whipped By Glom

This looks as if it may have come from a pre-code vintage comic book. But I can’t find any info on which one:


Caning Ella Nova

I’ve noticed that lot of the big-name BDSM sites have drastically reduced the number of still photos they make and share as part of their weekly website updates. This is a bummer for me (and for you my readers) because a lot of the spanking and caning pictures I post here used to appear in a half-a-dozen photo sub-sequence buried in somebody’s 300-photo photoset. When the sites only post 30 photos total, obviously there’s a lot less opportunity to find spanking porn in a shoot where only a little bit of spanky fun ever happened.

Fortunately for you and for me, Hard Tied is still releasing old-school shoots that include hundreds of photos. The most recent, from August 13, includes 237 photos. Among them, I found this excellent little bondage caning interlude. It starts when Ella Nova realizes that she’s not actually hogtied, which means her butt is more available for caning than is usual in a rope bondage shoot. Her moment of realization came when the mean man walked up to her with the thick cane in his hand:


And then the caning actually started:


Actually it’s more of a biblical rod than a cane, I’d say!


Ella finds herself surprised at just how badly it hurts:


Yes, boys and girls, if it weren’t for the ball gag I believe Ella would be telling us all about it!

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No Backtalk!

Backtalking your mistress? They do not like it when you do that on Planet Valtron:


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Warming Her Pussy For The Wooden Horse

Yesterday Bondage Blog linked to a story about a submissive who was about to be mounted on a “wooden horse” (a solid beam with a narrow edge to cause her pain in her nether regions). But before they put her on the horse, they spanked her pussy:

Robert brought a small leather sap over to Kari, handing it to her. I stared at it. It was a lot like mine, but with metal caps along the edges. I looked at Kari, my chest starting to heave with deep breaths, my heart pounding, my stomach tightening, and my pussy almost gushed in expectation.

“Present!” called out Kari.

I blinked for a moment, confused. Then I remembered the stupid trick that Kari had asked the Kennel folks to teach me the previous weekend. Dropping to my knees I then rolled over onto my back. It was a horribly humiliating position, but I brought my legs upward and then spread my thighs wide apart. When Kari knelt down between my legs I suddenly feared the worst.

“We have to get you prepped to ride the horse, don’t we?” she asked. I didn’t have time to answer, even if I would have. She lifted the sap and brought it right down on my exposed pussy, smashing my labia and clit with a stroke that caught my breath. Only through serious will power did I manage to keep my legs open. Not that it did any good. She hit me there again, and then again, slamming that miniature leather paddle into my pudenda and sex over and over. I started to buck as she not only picked up the pace, but also the force and the next thing I knew I was crying out loudly, begging her to stop. She didn’t. Pain exploded between my legs and finally, after maybe fifteen strokes, I couldn’t stop myself from closing my thighs and blocking her blows.

“Well, FINALLY!” Kari exclaimed. “I thought we’d never get to ride.” She said, not even complaining about my action to close off her access to my sexual side. I looked up at her through tear blurred eyes.

“What?” I gasped out loud.

“Stand up, Breanne. It’s time to ride the horse.”

I blinked. She must have been waiting for me to close my legs!

Kari pulled me to my feet. My crotch burned and ached. How could she?

Trying to be a good girl doesn’t always pay off, does it?

From Riding The Wooden Horse by Breanne Erickson (as seen in “Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut” Volume 3).

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