She Loves The Riding Crop

How much does Girl On The Net love a riding crop? This much:

I love the sound of it, of course, and the sensation. The short, precise, tiny dot of pain when you’re whacked neatly with it. The ‘crop’ – a deliciously onomatopoeic instrument, as each stroke falls with a quick, cursive… crop.

But while all that’s delightful, I think it’s the general aesthetic I like. The idea of h0rsey young women sitting primly atop a saddle. Keeping a poker face to disguise the sensations in their tight jodhpurs when their filly breaks into a trot. Seriously, each and every one of these specifically horsey words is getting me wet as I write them.

I can practically smell the leather tack, mingled with musky sweat of a stable lad, topped off with a slight tang coming from my crotch after rubbing it on the saddle during a long forest hack.

I can almost feel the rhythm – UP-down UP-down UP-down – the slight pause at the top of each stroke, hanging poised in the air for a split second, before falling back and feeling the satisfying thud of the leather saddle between my legs.

And of course I can picture the crop – wielded by someone tall and older and authoritarian. Clipped tones, possibly ex-military – so British he sweats Earl Grey. Barking instructions to me as I trot around and around…

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Women’s Bathroom: The Hand Spanking

A month ago I posted stills from a lesbian paddling scene in a women’s bathroom. The hand-spanking part of the scene (from Whipped Ass) didn’t make it into the post, but I saved those images, oh yes I did! And now, here they are:




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Spankings, Power, And The Sexual Imagination

While addressing the somewhat tired accusation that porn demeans women, Dr. Marty Klein writes some smart paragraphs on the role of power in sexual imagination, with specific reference to spanking games:

When some people criticize that “porn demeans women” I wonder if they’re objecting to men’s and women’s sexual imaginations, or men’s and women’s sexual behavior, or to some hypothesized interaction between the two.

A small amount of porn depicts male characters committing violent acts against female characters who seem to be suffering. Watching this appears to be erotic for some men (and more than a few women). Some people don’t like this fact—a fact that shouldn’t be blamed on porn. Do these depictions “demean women?” No. They are fictional portrayals that many people find distasteful, which is a quite different thing. They show situations, emotions, behaviors—and yes, sometimes cruelty—drawn from the human sexual imagination.

This material represents a very small amount of pornography, precisely because most consumers do not find such things erotically engaging—which is the whole point of watching porn.

On the other hand, some amount of porn depicts characters engaged in erotic power play: teasing, spanking, constraining, controlling, pretend coercion. Men and women have found stories, music, or pictures of such things exciting throughout history. And many lovers do these or related activities in real life. In the world of human sexuality, power is a primary currency, so our sexual imagination is rich with it.

To say that porn demeans women is to deny the reality of some women’s passion, lust, and desire. It’s to say that women never enjoy what men enjoy. It’s to say that women don’t enjoy playing games with their sexuality, including power games.

Bent Over A Short Whipping Post

An efficient little punishment scene from TopGrl:

bent over a short whipping post for punishment

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Spanked And Radished

Her bondage spanking was probably humiliating enough. The large daikon radish up her bottom? That’s the “cherry on top” for sure!

spanked and punished with a radish up her butt figging

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French Maids Showing Their Bottoms

Sadly I do not gather that there is actually any spanking in the porn movie this photograph is promoting. But… industrious French maids showing off their bottoms! You can imagine what happens next, can you not?

two negligent french maids clean up the mess they made before they get their well-earned spankings

I found it at ErosBlog, which has more information.

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Vicious Locker Room Towel Snap


wet towel spanking

Artwork is by Axel-Rosered.

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Spanked Hard While She Sucks Him Off

It takes real professional talent not to bite him, when her bottom is being beaten like this:

hard spanking while she sucks his dick

Photo is from a spanking-and-rough-sex scenario called Candy Girl 2 at Assylum. See also: Candy Girl 1.

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