Tit Whipping In Prison

This prison tit whipping art is by deMentia and comes with the title “A Squealer Reprimanded.”

prison tit whipping artwork

Remember, ladies, nobody likes a squealer!

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A Sex Whipping In The Forest

Our villain’s hood suggests that this is a kidnap situation, while the erection gives away the game: the bondage whipping is just foreplay. I guess our kidnapper doesn’t have a handy dungeon to take his victims to for his sex whipping fun. Heck, we know he’s not even all that deep in the woods, or he wouldn’t need the ball gag:

ball gagged kidnap victim shackled to a tree endures a sex whipping in a quiet forest

Artwork is from Bond Adventures.

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Sadists With A Singletail Whip

It’s just a cute little singletail whip, but the weighted ball on the end makes it extremely severe in the hands of a pair of cruel sadists who are ready to get their jollies. Their unfortunate bondage victim is going to have a very pretty and extremely comprehensive set of welts before they get bored of tormenting her:

singletail sadists whipping the pussy and anus of a helplessly bound naked bondage victim and reveling in her exquisite torment and pain

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Making A Mime Talk — The Hard Way

He caught him a mime, and now he wants to hear her voice, even if he has to spank it out of her with a paddle!

mime spanking in the stocks with a heavy paddle

The Importance Of Bullwhip Practice

Everybody knows, you can’t just dress up in pretty leathers, pick up a fancy whip, and expect to start punishing a submissive with it right out of the gate. It’s going to go badly for you if you don’t put in your bullwhip practice hours first. And that’s just what cartoonist Blas Gallego’s Dolly finds out in this one-page comic:

bullwhipping  goes badly for dolly because she didn't do her bullwhip practice

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Ten, Clutching Her Sore Bottom

Because I personally consider smoking to be a foul personal habit that degrades and contaminates not only the people who indulge in it but also the physical environments where they conduct it, I am perpetually amused by spanking porn that relies on the trope of models being punished for smoking. It’s the one memetic space where I am entirely unbothered by the cognitive dissonance that usually arises whenever “punishment” is a theme in our little fetish, given that everybody involved is a consenting and presumably-responsible adult. It’s not that the spanked-for-smoking scenarios are any less fictive or contrived, I just quite cheerfully do not care! Call it propaganda if you like, I just think “Got caught smoking, got their ass beaten with arbitrary severity by somebody with the power to do so, is now sobbing in the corner with her sore bottom, nobody feels even the tiniest twinge of sympathy because what they were doing was so fucking stupid” is a message that cannot be repeated often enough in the world. It’s like punching Nazis. It has an unambiguous moral clarity like few other messages do.

bottom clutching

And that’s supposedly the story behind Ten’s paddled bottom in this photo. In the April 3 update at Realspankings.com, she was caught smoking on campus. She got paddled over the jeans, but as you can see the thin tight denim did not save her bottom!

The Bullwhip And The Bound Girl

I’d say the whip in this early Kitan Club illustration is somewhere between a bullwhip and a knout — in either case, more of a tool for getting the attention of 2,000 pound truculant bovines with thick hides than for menacing carefully bound female prisoners with tender skin. But fetish wants what it wants, and there’s no arguing with it:

menacing a bound girl with a bullwhip

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