OTK Spanking From A Man With A Monocle

This may look like a spot of easy discipline in the lap of a stern but avuncular softie, but you’ll note that he’s got a martinet whip near his right hand. If she doesn’t seem properly penitent, this spanking could escalate!

otk hand and martinet spanking from man with monocle

This is an illustration by Bartey from Croisière Voluptueuse (Paris 1934).

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Locker Room Paddling Revenge

It is always the case that the other ladies on the cheerleading squad are the most vindictive ones you need to worry about making enemies of. In this case, it’s a bit too late for keeping that wisdom in mind, and somebody is about to pay with some serious ass-bruises for forgetting it:

locker room bondage paddling severe cheerleader spanking

Artist is PyperHaylie, who has a Patreon worthy of your support.

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Enthusiastic Birching

There’s no evidence on that bottom that the birching in progress is particularly vigorous, but the girl with the birch bundle in her hand? If you look at her face, it certainly seems that she is more enthusiastic about the proceedings than we usually see in these salon-postcard kinky posings:

enthusiastic vintage birching two girls

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One Good Smack For The Barmaid

“Bare-Assed Bondage Barmaid” is a rough job on the best day, but when the impatient customers start smacking your ass for faster service? It gets rougher:

a hard spank for the gagged blonde barmaid with long hair and tied elbows

The artist is SanePerson, who is Patreon-supported if you like his stuff.

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Punishment On The Curves

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a sequence of vintage flagellation photographs featuring women of substantial curvature in a progressive state of undress during a spanking scene.

one large fat woman spanking another series of three vintage whipping photos

I do apologize for the limited size and quality of the images; I rescued them from an ephemeral auction site listing and the quality of the listing images and the originals both was quite dubious. The auction house suggested the the photos were Austrian in origin.

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Two Frollo Whippings

These bondage whipping artworks are both in the distinctive style of Leone Frollo:

bound and whipped

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Belt Whipping For The Immoral Young

I found this promotional movie photo in the Fall 1964 issue of a Selbee Associates magazine called Focus On The Sin-ema. It’s said to be from a then-forthcoming sexploitation movie called The Immoral Young:

Belt spanking a lingerie-clad beauty

Of the movie very little is said in the magazine, except this:

Tempestuous emotions run rampant throughout this film. It deals with the lives of ordinary young people, trying to make their way through the challenging and frequently denying environment of New York. The producers made every effort not to sugarcoat the events… there’s no hiding the incidences of lesbianism, flagellation, bondage, and plain and simple sex wherever they occur!


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Lesbian Strap Spanking 1960s

This spanking scene is from Come Play With Me, a late 1960s nudie flick in which our heroine is looking for square love, but keeps falling for “perverts”, the poor dear:

belt spanking from a lesbian in a 1960s nudie sexploitation movie

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