Riding Crop Blowjob Training

He’s teaching her to give better blow jobs, and the riding crop helps her stay attentive to her lessons:

bondage blowjob training and riding crop spanking

The artist is Chibiabos.

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Sisterhood Of Chastisement

Something about this whipping illustration causes me to imagine that the young ladies are essentially equal in power: roommates, sorority sisters, perhaps sisters in truth. Some negotiated agreement or chance momentary imbalance gives one of them the opportunity to punish the other, and she is doing so with vim and vigor. But in my imagination there’s no great permanent gap in status between these two whip sisters, no fundamental difference in station. Tomorrow, the tables could easily be turned:

one pretty whip sister gives another an athletic whipping with a whalebone switch

From a 1970s Kitan Club.

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The Kiss Of The Lash

In the previous post we saw this very whipping threatened. Now, it’s happening! The first dialog balloon reads “The kiss of the lash shall wring the truth from you!”

comic book whipping as the villainess gloats about the kiss of the lash

From Savage Sword of Conan #42.

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Comic Book Whipping Threat

These ominous whipping threat panels may be seen in Savage Sword of Conan #42:

whipping threat comic book panels

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Frieda Pinto Whipped In Prison

Why did the matron of this French prison put a bag over the head of her bondage interrogation victim here? I mean, supposedly she’s whipping Frieda Pinto in this scene. Yes, the utterly gorgeous Indian actress who stole every scene where she appeared in Slumdog Millionaire:

interrogation scene featuring Frieda Pinto whipped in a French prison

Screenshot is from the French movie Miral, also released with the English title Student Services.

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Honeymoon Spanking Revenge

It’s the general sentiment here at Spanking Blog that wives should be spanked. And most agree that you should start a new marriage on the wedding night as you wish it to continue. But even so, taking spanking revenge for dating offenses your bride committed as your girlfriend? That’s weaksauce:

"And this is for the night you kept me waiting two hours!" honeymoon revenge spanking cartoon

This honeymoon spanking revenge cartoon is by George Morrice from the March 1956 issue of Snappy. Via Chicago Spanking Review.

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Pretty Young Spanked Wife

This 1936 newspaper clipping records a pretty young spanked wife who got minor sympathy from the judge, but not the actual judicial relief she sought when she went to the law:

pretty young spanked wife newspaper clipping: judge says wives don't like it

The newspaper reports:


A pretty young Clapham wife complained to the magistrate at London South-Western Matrimonial Court yesterday that her husband “spanked” her. And the husband admitted it.

“You shouldn’t do that,” said Mr. Mullins from the Bench. “Wives don’t like it, you know.”

But he refused the separation order sought by Doris Calvert, who claimed that her husband, Charles Calvert, a tea merchant, of Orlando-road, Clapham, S.W., was not maintaining her and was being persistently cruel.

Wives don’t like it? I know a lot of people who disagree!

Thanks to Richard Windsor for the clipping.

Cheerful Wife Spanking Art

Remember the long conversation Spanking Blog’s readers have been having on the wife spanking question since 2003? The cheerful smiles showing in this 1950s-style wife spanking art leave me in no doubt how the happy couple would answer:

1950s wife spanking art showing cheerful man and happy wife

Art credit goes to Richard F. Williams.