Sisters Who Steal Together Get Paddled Together

They went shoplifting, they got caught. Maybe they thought that their stepdad’s old rules didn’t apply now that they were in college. To their chagrin, it turns out that if they want their tuition paid, the old rules are still in full force and effect:

sisters who steal get spanked

From Real Spankings.

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Dean Martin Spanking Angie Dickinson

Nobody on the web seems to have a great attribution for this back-lot-shenanigans celebrity spanking photo, but it’s widely captioned as being Dean Martin giving Angie Dickinson a spanking. And to judge from her blurry feet, she’s kicking very nicely:


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Riding Crop Pussy Spanking

Via Kinky Delight, a bondage pussy spanking with my favorite riding crop:

spanking her pussy with a leather riding crop while she is stretched open in helpless iron pipe bondage

Original image credit is Device Bondage.

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Whipping Kimberly’s Pussy

According to Bondage Blog, these screen captures are from a lesbian-revenge video called Mean Streak. Mean indeed!

bondage pussy whipping

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Paddled In The Women’s Bathroom

It’s the kind of workplace where, when your lesbian boss catches you fingering yourself in the stalls during work hours, she doesn’t fire you. Instead, she bends you over the sinks for a stern paddling:

bent over the sinks in the girls bathroom for a paddle punishment

lesbian boss punishes lazy cubicle rat for wanking in the loo

hard paddle spanking for worker caught masturbating in the toilet stalls

bent over the bathroom sinks for workplace punishment by kinky bitchy lesbian boss

Via Whipped Ass.

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Attitude Adjustment Spanking

From Twitter:

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Garage Spanking

If the gossips in the neighborhood did not already know that the young women of this household were subject to domestic discipline, they will surely learn it now!

spanked in public in the garage doorway

From the Real Spankings Network.

(Also, if you’ve ever taken any photos at all, pause for a moment to imagine and tremble at the size of the lighting system it must have taken to illuminate the interior of that garage against a backdrop of sun-flooded concrete…)

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Hollywood Wife Spanking, 1941

movie spanking OTK

This is said to be Melvyn Douglas spanking Ellen Drew in a promotional photo for the 1941 movie Our Wife. (A promotional photo from that era did not necessarily depict an actual scene from the movie.)

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