The Strap And The Pillory

The city fathers have discovered that the big leather strap is the crowd-favorite spanking implement for their market-day judicial public punishments. The big bullhide whip does so much damage, the punishments are over too soon. The crowd likes to see the naked punishments dragged out, the longer the better. The spanking strap is perfect for that job; it bruises and reddens until the criminals can barely stagger away from the pillory afterwards, but it rarely breaks the skin in a skilled hand. And the city punitioner is very skilled:

public pillory spanking strap

I don’t know the source of these comic panels, sadly.

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Perched On Her Spanking Stool

Normally he makes her bend over the little stepstool for her spankings, but today, he’s rather angry, so he made her perch precariously on her knees on the stool, with a caning promised if she falls off. The new Hello Kitty tattoo on her ankle was emphatically not authorized:

leather strap spanking for an unauthorized tattoo

From Punished Brats.

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The Spanking Partition

If you’ve got one of those useless partition walls that juts out into your living space, you can convert it to a bondage wall by screwing in just two simple eyelets to use as attachment points:

spanked while bound to their bondage wall

However, you can’t spank a pussy properly if your slapper is inside her panties! It is known.

Photos are from an old issue of Hustler’s Taboo.

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Caning Keeps Her On Her Toes

If she keeps sort of reflexively going up on her toes to make her bottom a moving target when you cane her, one solution is to make her stand on her tippy-toes before you deliver the stroke:

up on her toes for a really hard caning

I believe this is Alison Miller in one of the Boot Camp scenes for Firm Hand Spanking.

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Scientific Discipline

If you’ve gotta get an OTK spanking, maybe it’s for the best if your spanker has great disciplinary credentials. On the other hand, perhaps you’d be better off over the knee of an amateur, who can be distracted by foolishness and shenanigans or by offers of oral sex:

otk spanking from a professional disciplinarian with many spanking diplomas

Artwork is by NaughtyGirls.

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Men Beat The Asses Of Girls Who Wear Glasses

There used to be an old saying: “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” It was never true; it was used as an admonishment to girls, that they should prioritize their appearance at all costs, even if it meant stumbling through life half-blind, and never being seen reading a book. But, it turns out, there’s another peril of being a smart, cute, attractive, eyeglasses-wearing bookworm:

caning the ass of the girl wearing glasses

I don’t have a source for this photo.

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Whipped For Indecency

I’m an imaginative guy, but it’s hard for me to imagine what act of public indecency this unfortunate pilloried cowgirl might have committed that would be more indecent that the naked writhings she is about to commit under the lashes of that cruel knotted whip:

pilloried cowgirl whipped for indecency

Artwork is by DigitalGil.

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