Alice And Kiki In Trouble

Now this right here is the kind of establishing shot that makes discerning consumers of spanking porn want to join a site to see what’s coming. It’s from the May 14 update at, one of the very few producers left in the United States still making spanking-themed porn on the regular.

alice and kiki know they are about to get an epic spanking

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A Caning By Gaslight

It’s rather unclear to me why this woman’s punishment couldn’t wait for more private circumstances. But obviously it could not:

caned by gaslight

Sadly I don’t have any provenance for this artwork.

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Whipped By A Lecher

lechery and whipping

My first thought on seeing this horrified woman shrinking away from the enormous hands of the leering man who has her tied over a bolster of burlap and straw in some filthy corner and is prepared to whip her if she doesn’t submit to his no-doubt-foul lechery? The mismatch between the size of his hands and her bottom made me misread the situation, before I saw her very adult curves and realized that he was drawn with exaggerated size and features to emphasize his monstrousness and her fear.

The artist is Jean Morisot (whose work we have previously seen here).

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The Porn Dude Has A List

One of the best and funnest things about the now-fading blog era was the blogroll that everybody kept. There’s something that’s just fun about following somebody else’s list of links. It’s not just you, asking an impersonal and often recalcitrant robotic database to display what you want; it’s them, your virtual friends, selecting and curating for you a list of fun things that they think you’ll like. And when we’re talking about pornographic fun things, there’s a voyeuristic element to exploring somebody else’s porn links, too! It’s not just “Oh my stars, that’s unbelievably filthy” but “Zounds, I can’t believe my friend even knows about this, much less that they put it on their link list and recommended it to me! Does that mean that they jerk off to it? I’ll never think about them in the same way again!”

Well, if you take the fun of a good pornographic porn-blog blogroll, turn it up to eleven, multiply it by some large factor, and subtract a tiny fudge to account for the fact that you don’t know the guy who is shaping your experience for you, what you get would look something like the humongous porn link list at

theporndude screenshot

And this list is indeed huge! Close to 650 sites, split into about 65 categories, covering every imaginable genre, style, type, flavor, fetish, and format of pornographic site. I’ll admit it does include a few sites I would never link directly from Spanking Blog (mostly sites I consider “bad neighborhoods” because of melt-your-browser advertising or dubious intellectual property shenanigans) but my whole thing is selection and judgment about what spanking porn to publish; the point to a general porn link list is, I gather, to offer as much diversity as possible, usefully curated into categories. What’s more, this link list offers an additional incredibly useful feature: short reviews are available at the link list, giving you a good idea where you’re going before you go there. From there it’s up to you to pull up your big-person pants, double-check your security software, and decide whether or not to click.

Although there isn’t a specific “Spanking Porn” category at, Spanking Blog readers may find some material of interest in the Fetish Porn Sites category. Certainly you will never be short of links to try while surfing at!

As you all know, I post a lot of vintage spanking art these days, in part because there isn’t very much modern and exciting spanking porn being made these days. One thing I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned is that one of my sources for such art is the ancient threads on old porn forums, which are bulletin boards that mostly predate modern social media sites. People used to (and often still do) post collections of erotic art on these forums, and so they can offer a good way to find obscure vintage spanking and fetish art of all kinds. has a “Porn Forums” category that includes twenty-six (!) such forums, including half a dozen that I’ve visited at one time or another and a bunch more that I never knew existed. It’s this sort of depth that convinces me that the link list is of potential interest to Spanking Blog readers. You may need to dig pretty deep to find some of the material of greatest spanking interest, but there are many links here that Google refuses to reveal in a casual porn keyword search these days. This link list might be the single most efficient portal into some of this material. Happy browsing!

theporndude banner

Watching The Crop Strike Home

helpless to prevent her pussy whipping with riding crop

There’s just enough early morning light streaming through the high window of her basement cell for Lily Lane to watch in great concern as her captor vigorously crops her pussy before he gets down to the morning bondage sex that she’s discovered he enjoys so much. But with all the ropes he’s put on her, there’s nothing she can do but writhe and get wet under the repeated smacks of the crop!

Photo is from the member-area download zipfile for the Kink Unlimited shoot The Boss’s Daughter.

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Her Caning Panic

She’s bent over about to be caned, and if I’m not mistaking the expression on her face, it might be panic about that:

caning panic

I don’t know the source or the artist for this artwork, although there’s a bit of a signature bottom center. “T.R.” perhaps, or maybe just “R.”?

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A Sisterly Dispute: Resolved By Spanking

Those baggy socks, and the boom box, take us back to the Eighties. Sorority sisters, or familial ones? Either way, some sort of dispute, one sister wrestled into submission. Tied to the bed, and gagged. The music cranked up to cover her muffled cries. A big hairbrush … or is it an antique hand mirror? No matter, it’s strong enough for this duty:

bondage spanking for a submissive sister

Another artwork by the inimitable B.T. Welt.

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Pussy Whipped In A Women’s Prison

pussy whipping in a women's prison

Said to depict a scene from the 1970s women-in-prison movie Domination Blue.

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