Prison Spanking Anime

Upon arriving at the prison, she was really dismayed to discover that her ex-husband was working there as a guard supervisor. He, on the other hand, was delighted at his good fortune:


Whip Practice

Delirious Hunter isn’t just serving as an overqualified candlestick in this scene, oh, no. She’s working on her inner peace. The more calm she can be, the less she moves, and the less she moves, the less molten-hot wax comes spilling down all over her beautiful exposed body:


She’s finding, however, that there’s a major obstacle to calmness in this tableaux. The obstacle becomes clear when we pan out. Turns out there’s some whip practice underway:


If he’s perfect, he puts out the burning candle and she doesn’t feel a thing. But he’s a long way from perfect. He needs a lot of practice. And even when he doesn’t hit Delirious, or the candle (which is just as bad), the crack of the whip makes her flinch. And when she flinches, the wax spills.

It’s a tall candle. It’s gonna be a long day.

Pictures are from Real Time Bondage, where this whipwork demonstration was part of one of their regular liveshows.

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Breasts: The Reddening

This is the least-severe from a set of four breast-whipping (and paddling, and caning) comic panels at Bondage Blog by the artist Depuceleur:

bondage breast flogging comic

I think this was in a Bon-View magazine and if I’m remembering right, the series featured enthusiastic kinksters being ridiculously cheerful about BDSM activities that were ridiculously over-the-top in a way that only the comics medium would allow.

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Tantus Silicone Paddles: On Sale Now


I have speculated before about the summertime merits of the high-quality (and heavy!) silicone spanking paddles from Tantus. They are currently (and through July 9) on sale at a 25% discount, along with a great many other Tantus sex toys.

I think the Tantus Plunge paddle (designed so that the handle is also a dildo) is clear proof that their designers understand how a spanking goes down at my house:

tantus plunge paddle with dildo handle

In regular spanking paddles, they’ve got a shape for every hand, and a favorite for every bottom:

tantus wham bam silicone spanking paddle

tantus pelt silicone spanking paddle

tantus snap strap silicone spanking paddle

tantus thwack silicone spanking paddles

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The Electric Whipper

I have seen a tiny version of this electric whipping machine artwork in various places before, but not one this large and clear:

electric pussy whipping machine

Artwork is by Jack Rhodes, in a French book called Punitions et Dressage.

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The Perforated Paddle

Every experienced spankee learns to dread (even if they also love it) the special pain of a perforated wooden paddle. This vintage version got a good workout in a recent shoot by Device Bondage:




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Booty Surfing

You may have seen this photograph before of a bunch of bountiful-butted women kneeling in the surf while some dude in swimming trunks pays them a lot of attention. If you’re curious, ErosBlog has the story of how the photo went viral last year with a completely bogus explanation.


It seems to me that swimming-trunks dude is missing an opportunity. I think I’d be stripping the leaves from a handy palm frond and improvising a switch. Maybe make up some story about how I’m the beach sheriff and there are strict rules against nudity, rules the violation of which carry severe penalties…

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Spanking Caged Girls For Science

“Of course it hurts, that’s how you can tell we’re doing good science!”

woman in an observation room strapped to a whipping frame

agony for science in this recreation of the Milgram experiment

Screen captures are from the latest Mood Pictures movie, Milgram Experiment.