The Vampire Whipping

There are many reasons one should seek never to anger an ancient vampire, including a few that you would not expect. For instance, their sadism is not as widely known as their thirst for blood:

Vampire whips chained woman

This artwork is from the cover of I Sanguinari #8: Stori di Mostri e di Vampiri.

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Ruler Spanking (With Pillow)

This is a real gentleman. He gives enough ruler spankings in his office that he keeps a pillow handy to support the faces of the big-chested ladies he bends over his desk:

ruler spanking over his desk

Artwork is by Bill Ward.

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Nudie Flick Belt Spanking

This belt spanking scene is from the 1965 nudesploitation flick Day Of The Nightmare:

sexsploitation film spanking scene 1960s

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The Ruler Spanking That Failed

Every now and then you see a bit of spanking art … often of the pulp variety … that makes you realize that the artist either did not know or does not care how a spanking works. This spanking cover from an Italian pulp is one of the most spectacular “spanking fail” artworks I have ever seen, I think:

la professoressa del vizio fails at ruler spanking on the cover of Gangster Story Bonnie #25

It simply fails in every dimension. The posing is bad, the women are too close together, the swoosh marks indicate that the ruler is swooshing in the wrong direction, it’s unclear what part of her anatomy might have been the target but it was surely never her bottom, and last but not least, the ruler itself is entirely out of proportion!

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Kiki And Alice: Paddled Cheerleaders

The last time we saw Kiki and Alice, they were fixin’ to get their bottoms beat for unspecified sleepover shenanigans. Now they have apparently brought the cheerleading squad into disrepute, which takes considerable effort because everybody already knows all those girls are a bunch of dirty little… ahem, where was I? Yes, I was discussing the self-empowering relationship and pleasure decisions of modern young women, and their inevitable resulting conflicts with unsympathetic conservative authoritarian figures in their lives:

paddling cheerleaders over their uniforms

Photo is from

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Satan’s Lash

According to A Pictorial History Of Horror, this bondage whipping artwork appeared in the September 1935 Horror Stories pulp magazine, illustrating a story called Satan’s Lash:

evil men whipping chair tied heroine

The artwork is by Ralph Carlson.

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Birching And Spanking Two Schoolgirls

schoolgirls birched and spanked

This artwork is said to be from Ch√Ętie bien ou la Flagellation dans la Vie moderne. The signature (lower left) is not really legible, but both the artwork and the signature look to my eye very similar to that of Louis Malteste.

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Split Knickers For Easy Spanking

I like the sheer glee on the face of the girl doing the spanking. This is probably a photo from the Biederer / Ostra Studios collection, designed to sell the clothing as all the Biederer fetish photography was:

biederer circa 1925 split panties for easy spanking lesbians

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