A Harsh Schoolroom Spanking

Meanwhile, in a joyless schoolroom somewhere in darkest modern Russia:




Somewhere in this room (not shown) there must surely be a thrice-life-size poster of Vladimir Putin…

Pictures via Discipline In Russia.

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Spanking A Thief

This Civil War era account of M/m disciplinary spankings comes (via the Punished tumblr) from an old book about life in a Confederate military prison camp where the prisoners were left to administer justice among themselves:

The instrument used was what is called in the south a “shake” — a split shingle, a yard or more long, and with one end whittled down to form a handle. The culprit was made to bend down until he could catch around his ankles with his hands. The part of the body thus brought into most prominence was denuded of clothing and “spanked” from one to twenty times, as Hill ordered, by the “shake” in some strong and willing hand. It was very amusing — to the bystanders. The “spankee” never seemed to enter very heartily into the mirth of the occasion. As a rule he slept on his face for a week or so after, and took his meals standing.


When Does A Spanking Get Good?

As a spanking top with a measure of sadism in my soul, I tend to agree with this tweet from The Stockroom:

Spanking Blog readers, what say you?

Rilynn Rae Kneels Up

Model Rilynn Rae looks a bit more distressed by this gentle flogging that makes entire sense. Either she’s not really into the “minor pain” part of her BDSM modeling gig for Sex And Submission, or she’s a better actress than most of her colleagues:



Pictures are from the most recent shoot.

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Spanking In War Propaganda


This propaganda image dates from 1904 and pertains to Russia’s war with Japan. According to my source, it was sold as a large-format cartoon in the streets of Moscow, along with many others on the theme of “vast and mighty Russia chastising puny little Japan.”

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Spank Her And Cane Her

A certain redundancy is sometimes required with the most recalcitrant students at the Girls Boarding School:



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Suck It Or Be Whipped

The practicality of forcing a blowjob at whip-point is always a potential issue. But it’s a recurring theme in erotic art, such as this panel from a fumetti comic:


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Schoolgirl In Schoolboy Uniform

St. Mackenzie’s is a very light-hearted soft-core porn site featuring naughty adult “schoolgirls” who strip and tease and spy and fight and tumble and get into all sorts of bare-naked situations for your viewing pleasure. They very rarely (which is not at all the same as “never”) actually spank or cane each other, but if you’re a fan of the residential school erotic dynamic, there’s plenty to enjoy. For example, in this little scenario, the girls are prepping for a booty raid on the nearby school for young gentlemen:


We are told:

Amy has decided to sneak into St Hugh’s to see her new boyfriend. She’s managed to get hold of their uniform so she can go in disguise. Sarah, however, does not believe she has the guts to do it. So Amy has brought her to her bed to prove it. Sarah finds it very amusing as they both strip, before Amy redresses into the boy’s uniform.

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