Three Caned Women

No schoolgirls here, our penitent women are ladies of maturity who should certainly have known better than to misbehave. And from the looks on their faces, they now do!

vintage caning postcard

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Whipped French Blonde

whipped blonde with long hair

The whipped blonde in this illustration comes from the cover of a promising-looking French publication called Odine #3.

Paddled For Bad Navigation

I suppose it wasn’t Bacall’s bad navigation here that made her admit right up front she needed a paddling; probably more how unjustifiably certain she was about it:

Bacall has almost no sense of direction. Ask her to point to North and she will wave her arm about and say out there. She can not read a map. I have to do that myself.

So with that background, we found ourselves at an intersection in a rural area that was strange to us. I was driving and was pondering which way to turn. She asserted we should turn left. I had calculated that was the low probability direction. She was adamant. I turned left. Within a mile, we both knew she was wrong.

She was a big girl about it and said she deserved 10 licks with the black paddle. That’s one she really does not like. But, she got her mind into it and took all ten like a trooper.

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It’s A Spanker’s World

I can already tell this blonde number is going to need a lot more spanking:

otk spanked blonde on striped couch cover of spanking magazine

Photo is from the cover of Spanker’s World #3.

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Spanked By A Mirror

Long before multiple camera angles were a practical proposition for a spanking photographer, this one understood the potential of a well-placed mirror:

vintage spanking postcard with well-placed mirror

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Caning Kel Bowie, And Flogging Her Pink

The cane got Kel’s attention, but it was the flogger that turned her bottom that lovely bright pink:

Kel Bowie caned

Kel Bowie red bottom from a flogging

Photos are from the recent Kelter Skelter update at Real Time Bondage.

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He Spanks Two Women

suited man spanking two office ladies with their panties around their ankles

At first glance this looks like a spot of office discipline … but why are they outside, and who is that charging up through the weeds at a furious pace?

The art is from the cover of Goldrake #217.

Helpless Bondage Pussy Spanking

The ropes keep her in place. His heavy hands make her want to move. But all she can really do is yell and squirm:

bondage pussy spanking

From this shoot at Sex And Submission, a Kink Unlimited channel.

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