Harem Whipping, Interrupted

This Italian pulp-cover harem whipping scene is interesting to me mostly for the gender ambiguity of the character doing the whipping. I suspect in its 1970 or 1980 context we were intended to read this person as the stereotypical harem “eunuch” but the earrings and eyebrows encode something like “sadistic drag queen” to my 2018 eyes:

gender-ambiguous harem functionary whips a harem girl as Elvis bursts in to save her

But here’s what I really want to know: is that a badly-drawn Gallic Elvis who is bursting in to save the day?

Artwork is from the cover of Belfagor #15.

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Spanked In The Desert

Somewhere out in a dark desert full of spiny cactus, she pushed the wrong dude’s buttons one too many times, and got a spanking out of it:

mexican lobby card spanking

But look at her face. Can you tell that she seems not at all displeased?

This is from a Mexican lobby card for a movie being billed thereupon as El Charro y La Dama.

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Her Masked Lesbian Tormenter

This almost surreal whipping artwork comes from the cover of Goldrake #125:

woman in dungeon whipped by masked lesbian

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Nuns Of Terror

It looks like the nuns are laying down the law again:

two evil nuns whipping and paddling a couple of bare-bottomed young women

There’s what looks like an obscured signature lower right, but I don’t know the artist for this piece.

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Breast Whipping For A Blonde

It’s such a thin little flogger, but those little weighted balls on the tips of the lashes are going to leave the prettiest small round bruises on her breasts:

lesbian breast whipping with a petit flogger for a bondage blonde

Artwork is from the cover of SM Comix #10.

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Spanking Some Religion Into Herself

I guess she figures there’s only one way to drive the Word home. I wonder if this penitential self-spanking is working?

self-spanking with a wooden cross

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Lucite Rod Spanking

Sized about halfway between a cane and a truncheon, a dense heavy lucite rod like the one shown in this photo would deliver a fairly painful spanking if used with any particular vigor. Since this is a pretty stylish shoot for Hustler’s Taboo magazine, it’s hard to say if that actually happened, or if the rod got selected just because it was pretty:

tied and spanked with a lucite rod

Hustler’s Taboo is not easy to find in paper these days, but if you join the Hustler Network online, you’ll gain Digital Magazine Access to their collection that includes 65-plus issues of Taboo going back to 2010 or so. This photo comes from the April 2018 issue. At least one of their offers has a monthly cost that’s less than the cover price of a single paper magazine, so it’s a pretty good deal!

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Whipped And Abused By An Infernal Machine

It’s not entirely clear what-all is being done to our heroine by the infernal machine into which she is locked during her whipping, but there’s no question that indignities are being wrought:

steampunk sex machine dildo whipping

Artwork is by Mancini, from an erotic comic called Diane’s Ordeal.

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