Waiting For Her Woodshed Spanking

The spanking anticipation here is going to be very hard on her lower lip if she doesn’t stop biting it:

chained by her wrists to the woodshed wall waiting for a severe paddling

Woodshed spanking artwork is another by Synthean.

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Mistress Daria

You always knew Daria was kinky! She’s standing on your neck… right before she beats your ass with a studded paddle, that is!

Daria from MTV dressed as dominatrix with leather paddle enamel brooch jewelry

Of course the Stockroom can’t call her “Daria” on this awesome enamelware pin jewelry item. Thus the amazing likeness to our favorite MTV cutie goes by Mistress D, to you!

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Whipped Blonde Intern

It’s bad enough that you can’t hardly get a professional-level job these days unless you’re from the class of people so rich that your family can support you while you work two or three lengthy unpaid internships. But the indignities you have to put up with, the terms of employment you have to suffer while working as an intern? Those are getting a lot more severe as well:

blonde intern whipped by her lesbian boss

pretty blonde legal intern office whipping

Photos are from this recent shoot at Whipped Ass, a Kink Unlimited production.

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Whip Her, Pull Her Hair

Blondes at fetish parties get to have all the fun:

blonde in fancy leather fetish outfit gets her hair pulled as she's menaced with a whip

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A Chilly Russian Whipping

This whipping scene is just chilly all the way around: the scene, the weather, him, her, everything!

wintertime outdoor russian whipping scene

Our icy Russian pain people were found on the cover of I Fumetoni #7.

Paddling Dakota Marr

Dakota is another hardcase who thought a school paddling would have to be kid stuff, a few swats she could laugh off before going back to snapping her bubblegum. When she saw the heavy wooden paddle she figured it was a bluff designed to scare. Right now? The truth — and just a smidgeon of dismay — is starting to soak in via the neural pathways that run between her butt and her brain:

A few swats with the heavy wooden school paddle have gotten Dakota Marr's full attention and respect

From RealSpankings.com.

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Dirty Old Man Punishes Pretty Slave Wife

In a recent Dofantasy comic For Rent by Erenisch, it’s not enough for this dirty old man to have a pretty slave “wife” shackled in his master bedroom; he’s got to tie her to a tree in the garden and punish her with cane and flogger, too!

pretty slave wife whipped and flogged while tied to a tree in the garden

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The Astonishing Paddling

They never know that a paddling is going to hurt, until they first time they get one:

astonishing OTK paddle spanking

Photos are said to be of Leil Lowndes, as seen in a 1970s porn magazine.

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