Punishment Is Coming

This artwork is almost abstract, but one thing is clear: punishment is coming, and it is inescapable!

shackled in the grass and waiting for a distant figure with a whip to arrive and commence punishing her

Found in the pages of an old Kitan Club Japanese fetish magazine.

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Caning Jessica Kay

From a recent update at Pain Toy, this caning scene for Jessica Kay features busy fingers checking, and perhaps modifying, her arousal level:

jessica kay caned while her pussy is palmed and fingered

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Spanking Myrna Loy… With A Newspaper?

On a movie poster for The Thin Man Goes Home:

myna loy  spanked

Chicago Spanking Review has some more information about the movie and a less-complete version of this artwork.

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Whipping O

whipping panels

These are some whipping panels from a 1970s graphic novel adaptation of The Story Of O as drawn by Guido Crepax.

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An Ay Mohl Spanking

Spanked in front of the kitchen sink, for domestic crimes unspecified:

lesbian kitchen spanking

By artist Ay Mohl.

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Excited Birching Of A Blindfolded Woman

The priapic fellow birching this blindfolded woman is clearly enjoying his work!

friar or monk with a huge hard erection is birching a blindfolded woman, possibly a nun, while another couple is fucking in the background

The artwork is from (per this source) a rare 1928 edition of French erotica to which two different artists contributed illustrations, so I’m not sure whether this one should be attributed to Achille Devéria (1800 – 1857) or Henri Grévedon (1776-1860).

(I blogged a much smaller, cropped version of this artwork, without any sort of attribution, many years ago.)

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An Eric Stanton Paddling

When Eric Stanton could suppress his primary femdom fetish long enough to draw girls getting spanked, it was usually quite a lot of fun:

eric stanton bondage paddling

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Eight Bottoms For Whipping

It’s like hot yoga, only for bottoms:

eight bottoms

Illustration by “Sadie Mazo” from the French BDSM novel La Clinique Des Cauchemars (The Clinic Of Nightmares).

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