Caning Jessica Kay

From a recent update at Pain Toy, this caning scene for Jessica Kay features busy fingers checking, and perhaps modifying, her arousal level:

jessica kay caned while her pussy is palmed and fingered

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Spanking Myrna Loy… With A Newspaper?

On a movie poster for The Thin Man Goes Home:

myna loy  spanked

Chicago Spanking Review has some more information about the movie and a less-complete version of this artwork.

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Whipping O

whipping panels

These are some whipping panels from a 1970s graphic novel adaptation of The Story Of O as drawn by Guido Crepax.

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An Ay Mohl Spanking

Spanked in front of the kitchen sink, for domestic crimes unspecified:

lesbian kitchen spanking

By artist Ay Mohl.

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Excited Birching Of A Blindfolded Woman

The priapic fellow birching this blindfolded woman is clearly enjoying his work!

friar or monk with a huge hard erection is birching a blindfolded woman, possibly a nun, while another couple is fucking in the background

The artwork is from (per this source) a rare 1928 edition of French erotica to which two different artists contributed illustrations, so I’m not sure whether this one should be attributed to Achille Devéria (1800 – 1857) or Henri Grévedon (1776-1860).

(I blogged a much smaller, cropped version of this artwork, without any sort of attribution, many years ago.)

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An Eric Stanton Paddling

When Eric Stanton could suppress his primary femdom fetish long enough to draw girls getting spanked, it was usually quite a lot of fun:

eric stanton bondage paddling

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Eight Bottoms For Whipping

It’s like hot yoga, only for bottoms:

eight bottoms

Illustration by “Sadie Mazo” from the French BDSM novel La Clinique Des Cauchemars (The Clinic Of Nightmares).

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The Unfortunate Administrative Assistant

If she hasn’t been paddled before, this is going to go badly. By the third stroke, she’s going to be all the way up on that work table, trying to chew an escape tunnel in the whiteboard:

hard paddling with huge pine paddle in the office

From Real Spankings.

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