Spanking Mable

Mable is a new model at Real Spankings, appearing for her first on-camera spanking in their August 26 update. Isn’t she a real cutie?

new spanking model mable gets OTK spanking

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Maintaining Enthusiastic Consent During Play

Following a link at ErosBlog to this interview with porn director Aiden Starr, I found an interesting discussion of how she maintains enthusiastic consent while doing BDSM. The key point is that even while making a movie, she sets up lines of in-character communication that she and her model/bottom can use without disrupting the scene. No reason that wouldn’t work brilliantly for play that doesn’t have cameras present, either:

So, the process of consent starts with the peer-to-peer conversation and that means that we sit across from each other and no one is lower and no one is higher, and we look each other in the face and there’s no eye restriction roleplay, which is a part of BDSM, we don’t use that during the negotiation portion of establishing where we’re going in this scene. And then, we will explicitly talk about everything that’s going to happen. I will explain to the person what’s going to happen to them and what’s not going to happen to them. Then, I ask what their interests are, what their hard limits are and what their soft limits are. I explain to them how to communicate in-character and it’s a lengthy process — I do it every single time I play with somebody, though, regardless of how soft or how heavy we’re gonna be. During a scene, while I’m fucking with somebody, I will constantly check in with them, and I have lots of different ways that I do that.

I shot for yesterday and we were doing an educational on corporal, and part of the way that I establish consent with corporal is that if I’m going to hit someone, I’ll pick up the implement and say “oh, this looks like it’s really going to hurt you, look at it” and I show it to them and it gives them a chance to look at it, and use their safe word before I touch them with it — so that they can be involved in the process. And, you can keep it inside of roleplaying and work at really establishing not just comfort, but sexual excitement with consent, so that it’s not just a sterile environment.

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Whipped By Skeevy Manga Men

Via Bondage Blog, from some unknown manga:

a bondage whipping by lustful manga men

Belt Spanked By The Police

When the police around here go bad, they go very bad. You don’t want a belt spanking from this pair:

police give a bondage belt spanking

From The Hotties Next Door 7, which is a Dofantasy comic by Predondo.

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A Well-Placed Paddle

When you run a casino, it’s simply not practical to allow your dealers to collude with the customers. Stern measures must sometimes be taken!

casino dealer paddled

From this gallery at Firm Hand Spanking.

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Susan Oliver TV Spanking

In this spanking clip from the 1960 TV show Wagon Train, Susan Oliver gets spanked by Robert Horton after she takes his gun and points it at him for a silly reason, not noticing that that he had pocketed the bullets. When he tells her “You’re going to grow up all the way, right now!” right before he spanks her, it’s an extremely promising line. Sadly, this being for television, he wasn’t promising her quite as much as we would really have liked to see:

Posted to YouTube with helpful explanatory intertitles by Chicago Spanking Review.

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Orc Spanked

I am pretty sure this fellow spanks hard:

orc spanking

Panels are from Well, This Is Orcward by Pieter Antonissen. I guess I’d call it more of a spanking comic with orcs in it than an orc comic with spankings.

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An Invitation Unwisely Accepted


This ominous dungeon bed is a detail from a Bondage Blog post featuring additional ominous things in a larger BDSM artwork by Pyat, seen here in full. But my flash-fantasy when I saw the bed can be summed up as an imagined thought in the mind of someone else who is seeing it for the first time:

“Oh, fuck. He swore there would be a spanking party going on here. I should have asked how many guests!”

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