The Headmaster’s Caning Mistake

Great news for fans of Dreams Of Spanking! Pandora Blake is back with a new caning scene for the first time in many months. In Even Teachers Make Mistakes her headmaster mistakenly canes her, and then he has to make it up to her:

a caning mistake leads to pretty stripes for Pandora Blake at Dreams Of Spanking

Given that new content at Dreams Of Spanking is rare these days, fans will be pleased to know that you can buy individual shoots like this one for $9.99, or pay for inexpensive non-recurring 30 or 90-day memberships to the whole site, to enjoy the deep library of material.

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Snoopy And Jealous Voyeur Sister Spanked

When Sov brings home her hunky fiancee to what she thinks is an empty house for some hot kinky sex, she doesn’t realize her jealous younger step-sister Maya is lurking in the hallways. The bratty little bitch has her fingers jammed in her sticky twat, peeping and listening, watching her sister spanked in the bedroom, wishing it was her enjoying the spanking that Sov is getting:

Maya jealously spies and masturbates as her older sister gets spanked by her fiancee

Fortunately, Sov’s man Stirling is a solid and adaptable fellow. He knows what to do with voyeurs caught in the act. When the slutty little redhead Maya gives herself away (turns out she can’t orgasm quietly to save her life) Stirling doesn’t balk for a moment. He grabs her, strips her, throws her over his lap, and spanks her ass even harder than he spanked her big sister’s:

Sov's younger step sister spanked for spying on them as they had kinky sex

Photos from Little Sister Spanked And Trained — a Kink Unlimited shoot on the Families Tied channel.

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A Den Of Witches For Whipping

This movie poster comes from Bondage Blog:

whipping witches by the den full

“Brujas” is Spanish for “witches”, so it seems safe to conclude that our masked man on the poster is about to start whipping the stuffing out of his whole den of shackled and underdressed witches. What did they ever do to him? I guess we would have to watch the movie to find that out…

Barbara Steele Whipped

Barbara Steele whipped and tied to a stone column in an Italian movie

This movie promotional photo of Italian movie star Barbara Steele receiving a topless bondage whipping is said to be from the 1966 film L’armata Brancaleone (For Love And Gold, or The Incredible Army Of Brancaleone). She seems to be enjoying herself; that’s a huge smile she’s trying to hide behind her arm.

Update: yes, a smaller version of this photo went by on Spanking Blog about seven years ago. According to commenters on that post, in this scene Steele plays Teodora, a corrupt Byzantine princess, in a BDSM game. Immediately after what we see here, she turns the whip onto leading man Vittorio Gassman.

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Girls Dormitory Group Punishment

fourteen young women in a residential college being questioned about embarrassing contraband and hoping to avoid an unpleasant dormitory punishment

It’s not hard to imagine that these fourteen girls just failed their dormitory inspection and are now at risk of collective punishment:

“Ladies, the head of cleaning staff has informed me that a forbidden article was discovered hidden in a vent in the washroom. A phallic object of India rubber, illegal to sell or possess in this jurisdiction. An item of shame for any well-bred woman of good breeding. I will have a confession. If the person who placed it there does not voluntarily admit to the deed, you will all remove your nightclothes and bend over your beds. Then we can discuss this at greater length…”

From there, my mind’s eye quickly wanders in this sort of direction

I hate to pop my own fantasy-bubble, but now I must do it. The scene actually comes from the vintage German movie M├Ądchen in Uniform. ErosBlog describes the film as “primarily understood in our time as an early film about lesbianism” that its contemporary German audience “primarily appreciated for its anti-authoritarian sentiments.” The dormitory scene is actually very tender. The mistress kisses each girl goodnight (on the forehead) but one of them heats things up with a lip-lock. There is no notable disciplinary vibe, beyond the amazing fetish for general order than the Germans bring to everything. There are no bare bottoms. No dormitory punishment at all. I am sorry…

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French Maid To Get A Wooden Spoon Spanking

This suggestive photo comes from the 1981 mainstream porn movie A Girl’s Best Friend. The film’s reputation doesn’t scream “spanking scene” but the outfit, the pose, and the convenient wooden spoon sure do put the idea of a French maid spoon spanking into my head!

suggestive French maid bent over a table as if for a spanking ... and there's a handy wooden spoon!

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Her First Blowjob Caning

She seems to be doing a good job giving her first caning-enforced bondage blowjob. There’s only one stripe on her ample bottom from that leather-wrapped cane, suggesting that she’s been working hard to please him:

woman with a plump ass gets a blowjob caning -- but giving a good bondage BJ, she only has one welt!

He’s pretty deft with that cane, too! He doesn’t even need a helper.

Another piece of Chibiabos artwork.

Porn Actress Serena Whipped

Golden Age porn actress Serena appeared in plenty of kinky scenes in the porn feature films of the 1970s and 1980s. But we see Serena whipped in public here as she’s bottoming to a flogger-slinging dominatrix named Toni Rose at a 1980 party:

Golden Age porn star Serena whipped in public by topless dominatrix

The photo appeared in the November 1980 issue of Porn Stars magazine.

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