Rattan Rug Beater For Her Bottom

If you liked the notion of the steel carpet beater last winter, but thought it looked a little severe, you might enjoy the new Rattan Rug Beater:

otk spanking rug beater for bottoms

It’s a handy OTK version of the traditional long-handled carpet beater, but don’t let its convenient short size fool you: your sub will not be laughing at this spanking toy. The Stockroom says of it:

Sometimes unruly subs need to be spanked with something specially designed to expunge every last speck of disobedience out of them. The Rattan Rug Beater is designed to do exactly that. Modeled after a traditional teardrop-shaped carpet beater used to literally beat dirt and dust out of rugs, the Rattan Rug Beater is made from a single piece of rattan formed into a loop. The ends are beautifully tied together with a swirling wrap of knotted nylon paracord, creating a stylish look and, more importantly, a comfortable, non-slip grip for precision impact.

Rattan is strong and flexible, allowing it to be bent and shaped as well as remain intact through swift strikes without breaking or splintering. This toy creates intense, sharp stinging sensations, and is not recommended for beginning or light play.

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Spanking Her Tits To See Them Bounce

I am totally guilty of having done this:

"Well, I'm gonna slap her tits anyway just because I like to see 'em bounce!"

From Confiscated Twins 6, a Dofantasy comic by Fernando.

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“Stand Up Straight…Or Else!”

From the style, I think this is likely a Biederer Studio photo:


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Pussy Caning In Slave Training

spanked during slave training

Looking at this list of Kink.com sites reminded me that I hadn’t checked The Training Of O for spanking pictures in more than a year. Which is a pity, because it means I had missed the very nice pussy caning photos from this photoshoot, whence also comes the photo at the top of this post.

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Positioning For A Sex Spanking

This is not going to be one of those spankings that has “nothing to do with sex”, you can already tell. His leg is positioned to force hers apart, and she’s hugging his leg possessively. They are here to have some fun:


The photo is probably from one of the spanking magazines, but I could not find a credit.

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Slave Whipping From An Abolitionist Tract

According to Bondage Blog, this slave whipping scene is from the 1864 abolitionist publication The Gospel of Slavery: a Primer of Freedom.

abolitionist view of a slave whipping

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Dreams Of Spanking: Enjoy It While You Can

Pandora Blake has made no secret of the fact that her Dreams Of Spanking website (which we have greatly enjoyed here at Spanking Blog) has been under serious regulatory threat since that ridiculous-but-terrifying censorious regulatory regime went into effect last year in Great Britain. (From this great distance, my murky impression is that a fading agency primarily responsible for regulating the adult content of DVDs — which have long been heavily censored in Britain — has made a successful grab for power, relevance, and funding, by the expedient of saying “adult websites are like old-fashioned video-on-demand services, which we also regulate because they used to just play DVDs over the cable TV network, so we ought to be able to regulate websites too!”)

Regulatory officialdom in Great Britain turns out to be impossibly hostile to BDSM and kinky stuff, the more so if it involves women in any role other than the traditionally-submissive. Thus it has been clear from the start that this is an existential threat to sites like Dreams Of Spanking. Pandora has legal representation and the courage to speak out, be activist, and keep doing what she’s doing, but there’s a lot of legal and financial peril involved. As an outspoken activist, it was probably inevitable that she would clash with regulatory authorities sooner rather than later, and indeed that day has come:

If you like Dreams Of Spanking, go read her post. Many people are rooting for her, and we can wish for a triumphant outcome, but that’s by no means a sure thing. As Pandora says (and I do not think she’s being either melodramatic or self-serving here):

If you haven’t yet joined the site, do it now, while you still can – time is running out, and legal fees are expensive.

Verbum sapienti satis.

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A Dispute Among Mistresses

The mistress in black latex already has one slash on her cheek. Will she submit, or is she about to take that whalebone crop away from the lady in red and chain her helplessly with the others?


Art by Carlo.

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