Perilously Balanced OTK Spanking

This poor girl looks like she’s had to cross her ankles in an effort not to fall on her face while being spanked:

otk spanking with her ankles crossed

From the long-defunct Spanking And Shame site.

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Caning Kiki Sweet

Kiki, I do not think that prayer is going to save you this time:

Kiki Sweet prays and grimaces as she is caned hard

From Pain Toy.

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Cute Bunny-Spanking Tattoo

This is possibly the cutest bunny-spanking tattoo ever:

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Vintage Spanking On The Front Steps

Richard Windsor speculates that this is a public birthday spanking, and who am I to disagree? In my mind’s eye there are about twenty people standing around laughing and joking during the festivities:

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Dog-Eared Hairbrush Spanking Card

The dog-ears on this vintage bondage hairbrush-spanking photo card suggest to me it was “consulted” many times over many years by a discerning collector:

hairbrush spanking photo card

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A Bundle Of Canes

They can call this a Rattan Cane Flogger all they want, but in my opinion its spiritual heritage is the birch:

rattan birch bundle

Sure, a proper birch bundle brings all kinds of scratchy twigs to the party, but it’s a bundle of thin rods first and foremost:

Want a lot of bang for your flogging bite? This rattan flogger is half-cane, half-flogger, all fun!

This Rattan Flogger is designed to serve up punishment with a huge dose of satisfying noise. Modeled after typical leather floggers, this is instead made from strands of rattan for a snap and thwack almost too good to be true. The ends are gathered together with a swirling wrap of knots from nylon paracord, creating a stylish look and, more importantly, a comfortable, non-slip grip for precision impact.

Rattan is strong and flexible, allowing it to remain intact with swift strikes without breaking or splintering. This Rattan Flogger creates intense, sharp stinging sensations, and is even suitable for light play. It makes a lot of noise for the impact generated.

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A Vintage Rope Flogger

From Bondage Blog, some lighthearted vintage fun with rope flogger:

bondage flogging with a rope whip

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Belt-Spanked Cheerleader

harley gets a belt spanking for cussing her coach

Harley knows better than to swear at her cheerleading coach. Because her coach knows that her father is unusually engaged with the success of Harley’s cheerleading career. Which means that when her coach phones home with a complaint about Harley’s attitude, it gets corrected. You would think Harley is too old for a dose of daddy’s belt, but you would be wrong about that:

Harley is NOT too old for her daddy to whip her with his belt for sassing the coach

Photos are from Cheerleader Spankings.

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