Expensive And Simple Torments For Carmen

Carmen Caliente may be a fan of the exquisite torments of an expensive flogger expertly wielded against the tender flesh of her lower thighs as seen in the first photograph below, but it almost seems to me that she’s enjoying the much simpler (and cheaper!) torment of the good old-fashioned nipple pinching she’s getting in the second photograph even more:

thigh flogging

nipple pinching

From a recently-shot short scene rather crassly titled Carmen Caliente Does It All For Dick (part of the Kink Unlimited porn empire).

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Yardstick Spanking For Cheerleader Dunce

She tried the apple-polisher treatment on the wrong math teacher. All it got her was a taped mouth, a dunce cap, a bare bottom, and a yardstick spanking:

yardstick spanking for a dunce

Art is by B.T. Welt, whose work I remember fondly in the B&D Pleasures magazine franchise back in the 1990s.

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Belt-Spanked Club Girl

The poor girl strung up for the belt whipping is provided for the members of the club, and I don’t think she’s getting paid enough:

belt spanked and about to be fucked at the sad club

Artwork is from Sad Club by Dominique Saint-Marc.

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Lining Up For A Big Swat

Looking at this photo, I feel like there’s a mismatch between the size of the paddle, the size of Kiki Cali’s fairly thin and unpadded bottom, and the slight smile on her face:

big paddle for kiki

I feel as if that paddle has not yet swung in earnest. It’s just lining up. Kiki knows what’s coming, but she hasn’t felt it yet, not today! Her face shows foreknowledge, not current experience.

From Real Spankings.

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Naughty Monks With Birches

monks birching and fucking bondage nuns

I don’t read French quite well enough to make out the caption of this piece for typing into Google translate. My Twitter source captions it “L’enfer du Couvent, French, c. 1830. Artist unknown.” Machine tranlation turns “L’enfer du Couvent” into “The Hell Of The Convent” for whatever that may be worth.

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Rubber Spanking

You can tell you are dealing with true rubber fetishists here, because they have applied the principle of “if wearing a little bit of rubber is good, then we are going to cover ever square inch of our bodies with absolutely as many layers of rubber and latex as we can possibly cram ourselves into”:

one latex rubber fetish enthusiast spanks another

Photo is actually a partial detail; click for the uncropped version.

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“Who’ll Be At This Switching Party?”

She got invited to a little picnic party in the woods, but maybe she should have asked a few more questions:

tied to a tree for blowjobs and switchings

Artwork is by Predondo, for a Dofantasy comic called The Hotties Next Door 8.

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Spankings, They Really Hurt

Discovering that spankings really hurt is a favorite theme of this blog. Not coincidentally, it’s also the title of this artwork. It’s Spankings Hurt! by BlissTonic:

woman with red bottom from hard lesbian otk spanking is shocked to discover that spankings hurt

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