Clown Spankings

Spanko girls: if you already think clowns are creepy and scary, you’ll definitely lose sleep and start worrying about the clowns who lurk in your dark closets after viewing the extended series of clown-spanking photoshoots in the member’s area at When garish jester-clown “Bobo” starts punishing sad-clown “Olivette”, he simply can’t stop. First Bobo puts Olivette over his knee:

otk clown spankingcreepy clowns spanking scenesad clown spanked over another clowns kneeclown spankings continue, morale does not improve

After that unwelcome warmup, Bobo bends Olivette over his spanking stool and mercilessly starts caning her already hot and sore ass:

caned over a spanking stool by a frightening sadistic clownsad clown canedsquirming and kicking as she is caned by a brutal clownsad clown cannot hold her caning position

Olivette can’t seem to stop herself from kicking and squirming from one foot to the other, so Bobo takes her off the stool and forces her to “assume the position” for more caning, with her feet spread and her palms flat on the floor:

forced to assume the position by a creepy clown for a brutal bent-over caningher knees buckle under her hard caning from a creepy clown mastersad clown falls to her knees from the pain of her hard caningsad clown collapses on floor when caning hurts too much

Eventually Olivette collapses to the floor, insisting she can’t possibly bear another stroke. But Bobo is not done with her! He strips off her panties and top, then puts her back over his knee. Now that Olivette’s bottom has been fully tenderized by Bobo’s caning, the endless hand spanking he subjects her to makes her kick, squeal, beg, and cry:

bare assed OTK hand spanking for a sad clownbrutal clown beats her naked asspanties down spanking from a mean clownbegging and pleading by a sad clown as her caned bottom is spanked hard by hand

All photos are from Paintoy. Bobo the sadistic spanking clown? He might already be in your closet, you better check!

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