It’s The Strap For Jessica

And she feels it so keenly:

leather strap spanking for teen jessica

Picture above is actually an enlarged detail from this original Spanking Teen Jessica photo.

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A Lesson About Tardiness

At this point, the welts on Jessica’s bottom argues that she’s probably learned her lesson about tardiness. But writing lines at the board with a bare sore ass will nonetheless help her remember the lesson:

teen jessica writing lines at the blackboard

From Spanking Teen Jessica, of course.

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Hard Hairbrush Spanking For Jessica

It looks like Jessica (of Spanking Teen Jessica fame) earned herself a hard hairbrush spanking before bedtime, over at Real Spankings:

hairbrush spanking for Jessica

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Ruler Spanked To Tears

Normally a regularly-spanked and determinedly-naughty girl like Jessica wouldn’t cry from a simple little ruler spanking, but this one has been longer and harder than she was expecting:

teen jessica crying during a hard ruler spanking

From the Spanking Teen Jessica archives.

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Making Jessica Cry

The main reason (I believe) that Spanking Teen Jessica was among the first of the wildly-successful spanking porn sites (and still gets many subscribers today) is that we could never doubt that Jessica was getting hard, painful, punishing spankings. Her face is so expressive:





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Spanked Brandi And Spanked Jessica

The Erectus tumblr has a double-cute pic from 2003 of Teen Brandi and Teen Jessica showing off their naughty bits and spanked bottoms and laughing together about it.

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Punishments For Jessica

First some caned fingers, then a heavily-paddled bottom for Teen Jessica:

teen jessica punished with the cane on her hands

a sore bottom for paddled teen Jessica

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