Call Her A Good Girl

Does she like it when you call her a good girl? Maybe you know she’s got a wee smol praise kink, but you don’t really know why. No worries. Girl On The Net has a bit of an explainer for you:

I like to be told ‘well done’ after something especially sexy. Maybe ‘you looked so hot in the socks‘, or ‘that was a lovely lubed-up hand job!’. I need positive affirmation in the bedroom so much more than I ever need to come. The correct amount of praise is always ‘a bit more than this.’ Every morning, afternoon, evening and in the dead of night: I want my ‘good girl‘, goddammit!

That craving for validation, though fun to play with during sex, isn’t particularly healthy when it bleeds into the rest of my life. It translates into a codependent level of people-pleasing, especially when it comes to men. I hope it won’t surprise regular readers to learn that I desperately want men to like me. I want hot boys to think I’m sexy and good at taking it up the ass. I want other boys to think I’m competent, funny and good at writing. I’d love women and people of other genders to think it too, of course, but broadly I yearn for the approval of men.

A ‘good girl’ in the bedroom is my favourite, but it’s far from the only one I thirst for. I need to be praised for everything. A ‘that was great!’ when I’ve written something awesome for the blog. ‘That’s delicious, well done’ if I bring you a sandwich or bake you a cake. I want you to notice when I’ve cleaned the whole house or put up new shelves or painted something – tell me it’s looking lovely and that you’re impressed. As my ex boyfriend eventually realised to great effect, I can sometimes be motivated to do even the most difficult things if you’ll only tell me ‘attagirl!’ at various points on the journey.

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