Bad Wife

Here’s a real wife spanking blast from the past for you:

very painful otk wife spanking in the kitchen

Please pardon the grainy image quality. These spanked wife photos almost certainly began life in a bondage magazine from the 1970s or 1980s, and were later scanned for circulation on dialup bulletin board systems (BBSs) and/or on Usenet. The first one has no trace I can find in the modern image search engines, although the second appears in a few places. By 1997 the first image had been included on this shovelware CD-ROM of BBS/Usenet era BDSM porn, with the filename “badwife” — hence the post title. I wonder what she did? It certainly looks as if she she begins to regret having done it!

If any of you long-memoried kinksters knows the genuine original source of these photos, by all means please do share.

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  1. Zaphod commented on October 27th, 2022:

    If memory does not fail, these are publicity stills for the Nu-West series Spanked Wives from the heyday of the legendary Ed Lee.
    I want to say this was from the 3rd of the series, but don’t hold me to that.

  2. web-ed commented on October 28th, 2022:

    Zaphod is right – these are definitely from Nu-West in the early 1980s, but I can’t remember the name of the photo set as I would only have seen it once in a catalog. (At that time, Nu-West had photos and 8mm film silent movies, and I remember buying one of the latter. Eventually of course all the old 8mm stuff was discarded in favor of VHS cassettes.) The photographer was certainly Ed Lee, and the “set” may have been an actual kitchen. Later on, he rented space in a strip mall somewhere and erected an office set to film some of his videos.

  3. Old England commented on October 29th, 2022:

    Nu-west “Poker Party” Two couples – Top and bottom swaps

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